Three-Eye Rock Palace

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Three-Eye Rock Palace is the sixth Dungeon in The Adventure of Link.[1] It is located in Eastern Hyrule and is visited by Link during his quest to obtain the Triforce of Courage.

Themes and Navigation

The dungeon is hidden near the Three-Eye Rock found in the coast of Eastern Hyrule, east from Old Kasuto Town. It can be accessed anytime when Link plays the Flute in that area.[2] However, it requires Link to have the Magical Key from New Kasuto Town, as no keys are here to open the locked doors within.

This palace is made of pink-colored bricks, and is one of the only two dungeons (the other being Great Palace) that has fake floors (that is, hidden holes). It is also notable for being the only one with mini-bosses, two Rebonacks, where one is encountered before the boss of the Island Palace. Beating the first allows Link to gain the Cross, which useful to see invisible enemies. After the second Rebonack, Link finds an extra life and the path leading to Barba.

Minor Enemies and Traps


  • Interestingly, both Barba and Rebonack still leave small keys after defeat, despite Link not needing them anymore.


Names in Other Regions
ミツメイワノシンデン (Mitsumeiwa no Shinden)Three-Eye Rock Sanctuary
The People's Republic of China
三眼岩神殿 (Sān yǎn yán shén diàn)[5]Same as English.
The French Republic
Palais Caché[4]Hidden Palace
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Palazzo Nascosto[3]Hidden Palace
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Other Names

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Three Eye Rock Palace[6]
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NameApplies toSourceSuperseded by
Three Eye Rock Palace[6]



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