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Reesong Palace (pronounced /ˈɹiːsɒŋ/ REE-song)[1] is a location in The Wand of Gamelon.[2] It the game's final stage and is unlocked after completing Shutoy Lake.

Features and Overview

Reesong Palace is a large, fortress-like castle north of Gamelon's mountain range. It was seized by Ganon, leaving it considerably rundown and guarded by hordes of his minions. It is also here that Ganon has King Harkinian imprisoned. The Palace's gateway was locked, whose Key was surrendered to Zelda by Duke Onkled in Dodomai Palace in exchange for her mercy. The Palace is connected to Nokani Forest via a long stone wall that runs along the ravine, where Zelda enters the area. The wall is plagued by invisible enemies that can only be seen by the light of the Fairy Lantern. At the end of the wall is a yard where Impa appears a final time to aid Zelda with the Triforce of Wisdom's guidance. Impa informs Zelda that she can "only win by falling", referring to the well inside the Palace courtyard. A boulder blocking the entrance at the end of the yard can be destroyed with either 10 Bombs or the Power Glove.

The entrance eventually leads to a tower filled with Flying Fish and Stone Statues. One of the Heads drops a Key to the next door after it is defeated. Immediately outside is the Palace's courtyard. A large well in the courtyard's floor sits in its center. At the bottom of the well is a grated window that exits outside the Palace walls. A ladder in the well leads to another passage that connects to a ruined chamber, where Goriyas attack Zelda and Spikes fall relentlessly. A Goriya at the end of the chamber drops the Key to the locked door in the courtyard, which leads to Ganon's tower.

Inside Ganon's tower, Zelda confronts Ganon with the light of the Fairy Lantern. She defeats him with the Wand of Gamelon, imprisoning him inside a book. His defeat drops a Key that opens the bedroom where King Harkinian is being held, located at the very top of the tower. There Zelda frees her father from his cage.

Minor Enemies



  • Along with Dodomai Palace, Reesong Palace is one of two stages in the game to have a puzzle of any kind. Zelda must fall down a well in order to locate the Key that opens Ganon's tower.


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