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The Royal Palace is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.(BotW)[1] The Royal Palace goes unnamed in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Features and Overview

Breath of the Wild

The Royal Palace is a feature of Gerudo Town, located along the southwest edge of the Town. A large rock spire rests on top of the Palace, which serves as the source Gerudo Town's Water. Riju, the chief of the Gerudo, inhabits the Palace,[2] and her Bedroom takes up its entire second floor. Initially, Link is unable to access this part of the Palace.[3][4] The left exit leads to a courtyard, where Patricia can be found, and the right exit leads to the Barracks and Relationship Classroom.

Alongside Riju, several Gerudo guards patrol the Royal Palace. Ploka and Reeza guard the front entrance,[2] while Bertri and Katta protect the stairs to Riju's Bedroom. Buliara acts as Riju's personal guard and protects her while she sits on her Throne.

Before Link's arrival in Gerudo Town, the Yiga Clan infiltrated the Royal Palace and stole the Thunder Helm, an heirloom of the Gerudo.[5] This has caused the soldiers of Gerudo Town to go on high alert.[6][7][8] Babi has also inflicted rigorous training on her soldiers as punishment for allowing the thieves to get by them.[9]

When Link approaches the Royal Palace, he can ask Ploka if he is able to go inside. While she wants to turn him away, Riju has allowed visitors to the Palace.[10] Though he is allowed inside, Ploka threatens him should he anything rude to the chief.[11] Her fellow guard, Reeza, thinks Riju allowing visitors in these tough times portrays her as a kind chief who puts her people first.[12] However, she also warns Link against disturbing Riju.[13]

The first time Link enters the Royal Palace, he will be greeted by Riju, who wonders how he managed to enter.[14] However, she takes note of his Sheikah Slate, calling it something interesting.[15] Link appraoches, but once he reaches the steps to Riju's Throne, Buliara demands he stop and declare his business.[16]

When Link returns to the Royal Palace after recovering the Thunder Helm, Buliara will direct him to Riju's room on the second floor, which he has been granted special permission to enter.[17] She threatens Link to be on his best manners, or else he will meet a bad end.[18] Both Bertri and Katta will be shocked by this.[19][20]

At the top of the stairs, Riju tells Link she has been waiting for him and can sense the power of the Thunder Helm from him.[21] When it was stolen, Riju felt as though a shadow had fallen over her,[22] but now she sees Link's arrival in such a dark time as the work of Urbosa.[23] Riju then puts the Thunder Helm on and asks how she looks,[24] which triggers the "Urbosa's Hand" Recovered Memory. Though Riju notices Link's staring, she dismisses it and asks if she looks right.[25] She tells Link to meet her at the Lookout Post before leaving.[26]

On top of the Royal Palace, Link can find Leaves with Fairy Dust. When he inspects them, a Korok will appear and give him a Korok Seed.[27] After, it will say goodbye to him.[28]


Tears of the Kingdom

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Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

The Royal Palace appears as part of the Gerudo Town Stage. The Royal Palace's Throne Room is located on its first floor.


  • The elderly Gerudo, Rima, previously worked as a guard inside the Royal Palace as captain.[29]
  • The lamp pedestals found throughout the Royal Palace have Gerudo inscriptions. The inscriptions on their front translate to "Gerudo,"[30] while the side inscriptions translate to "Vigilant."[31]


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