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For the similarly-named palace in A Link to the Past, see Palace of Darkness.

The Dark Palace is a dungeon in A Link Between Worlds.[1] It is the Lorule counterpart of the Eastern Palace of Hyrule. Bombs are required to access it, and its boss is the Gemesaur King.

Entrance to the Temple

In order to access the Dark Palace, Link must traverse a maze by merging into walls to avoid detection by the Lorule Soldiers who guard it. If Link is seen, he will be placed in a prison cell which can be escaped by wall merging.

Themes and Navigation

The Dark Palace shares a similar layout to the Eastern Palace. Link must use Bombs to trigger switches, destroy cracked walls, and even open the dungeon's entrance.

True to its name, the Dark Palace often requires Link to adventure through it without the aid of light. Many invisible walls, floors, and markings on walls showing the path to the objective only appear when the room is in total darkness. On the other hand, Link is unable to see otherwise-visible structures and enemies without the aid of light. To open the path to the Gemesaur King, Link must destroy obstructions blocking windows on a higher floor, allowing light to filter down to the room outside the Gemesaur King's lair to trigger switches.

The dungeon also has a theme of Rupees and gemstones. Many walls and barriers in the palace feature colored gems atop them, and the boss, the Gemesaur King, is covered in gems and releases Rupees when these gems are struck by exploding Bombs.

The Compass can be found in the northwest room of the first floor; activating both switches within the time limit reveals the chest. The Big Key is in the southwest room of the basement floor. Link must throw Bombs down three separate ramps while on a moving platform—this activates the three switches that cause the Big Key chest to appear.

Link can find one of the four pieces of Master Ore in a Big Chest on the second floor of the dungeon. Its Chest is hidden behind the other side of a revolving wall on a ledge, which can be reached by a lift operated by a nearby Switch. Another Switch further down the hall causes the wall to rotate when struck; if Link places a Bomb near this Switch, then he can hurry to the ledge and slip through the wall as it rotates when the Bomb explodes, bringing Link to the chest with the Master Ore.



ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
闇の神殿 (Yami no Shinden)[3]Temple of Darkness
Palais des Ténèbres[8] 
The French Republic
Palais des ténèbres[5] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Palast der Dunkelheit[4] 
The Italian Republic
Santuario dell'Ombra[2] 
The Republic of Korea
어둠의 신전 (Eodum-ui Sinjeon)[6]Temple of Darkness
Latin America
Templo de las Sombras[7] 
The Kingdom of Spain
Templo de las Sombras 
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