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Not to be confused with Vaati's Palace.

The Palace of Winds is a recurring Dungeon in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]


Four Swords Adventures

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It is portrayed as an immense floating building or set of buildings that floats in the sky high above Hyrule's surface. Though it first featured as a base of operations for the wind sorcerer Vaati, its origins were later revealed to have been nobler prior to its occupation by the evil sorcerer. Any wishing to visit the palace must find a means of reaching the heavens where the palace floats high above the clouds; a structure known as the Tower of Winds has served as the road to the palace on more than one occasion. The palace usually plays a prominent role in the events of each game, serving either as a major dungeon to be explored to reach the game's end or as the final dungeon of the game.

The history of the Palace of Winds was revealed in The Minish Cap, where the palace was guarded by the Wind Tribe who placed the Wind Element inside the palace to protect it from evil. The locale first appeared in Four Swords as the abode of Vaati, a wind sorcerer that had terrorized Hyrule long before the events of the game. This background was preserved for the palace in its second appearance a short time later, in Four Swords Adventures, where it once again serves as Vaati's stronghold and serves as the final dungeon of the game.

The Palace of Winds is the third and final stage in the Realm of the Heavens, the eighth level of the game. As is implied by the name of the level it is located in and following in the footsteps of the game's predecessor, the palace floats in the sky high above Hyrule's surface and once again serves as Vaati's dwelling. In the opening of the game, Princess Zelda and the other six Shrine Maidens that act as Hyrule's sages seek to check the seal on Vaati's prison at the Four Sword Sanctuary after dark clouds blanket the skies of Hyrule. However, the maidens and Zelda are soon after kidnapped by Shadow Link, who draws Link to the Four Sword Sanctuary and tricks him into withdrawing the Four Sword from its pedestal, causing Link to split into four colored versions of himself and releasing Vaati in the process. The four Links then go on a quest to find the Shrine Maidens and recover the four Royal Jewels that can restore the road to the Realm of the Heavens, the Tower of Winds.

After succeeding in rescuing the Shrine Maidens and recovering the four Royal Jewels from across Hyrule, the four Links ascend the restored Tower of Winds and free Princess Zelda from the clutches of Frostare before finding the roof and entering the Realm of the Heavens. There they battle the fiercest of foes they've encountered yet and put an end to Shadow Link by recovering the Dark Mirror in the Dark Cloud. From there they reach the Palace of Winds, which heavily resembles its previous incarnation in Four Swords. Here they ascend the palace and do battle with Vaati, seemingly ultimately vanquishing him for good. However, with Vaati dead, his power is no longer present to sustain the Palace of Winds, causing it to begin to collapse. Though they succeed in escaping the collapsing palace with Zelda and try to make their way down the similarly collapsing Tower of Winds, the true evil behind Vaati's release and the evil plaguing Hyrule, Ganon, charges after them out of the ruin of the Palace of Winds, forcing a confrontation amongst the remains of the Tower of Winds with the heroes, who ultimately seal him away within the Four Sword with the aid of the Shrine Maidens.

Items Obtained in this Area

Minor Enemies

The Minish Cap

Entrance to the Palace

After Link learns of the Palace of Winds' location from Gustaf, he must venture to the Cloud Tops and speak to the leader of the Wind Tribe, Siroc, who grants him passage into the Palace of Winds.[2]

Themes and Navigation

As its name suggests, the Palace of Winds is a wind-themed Dungeon that is centered around using the Roc's Cape to navigate. As a floating Dungeon in the sky, the Palace of Winds has many places where Link may fall into pits. Similar to Vaati's Palace, the Palace of Winds has many horizontal gratings that Link may jump onto. There are also many small cloud platforms that he can use to ascend to higher ground.

Within the Palace of Winds are various fans which can either impede or aid in Link's progress. The Sub-Boss of the Palace is a Red Darknut, and the Boss is the Gyorg Pair. Once the Gyorg Pair have been defeated, Link receives a Heart Container and the Wind Element, allowing him to completely reforge the White Sword into the legendary Four Sword.

Minor Enemies and Traps


  • In the PAL version of The Minish Cap, it is not possible for the player to use the Ocarina on the top of the building that leads to the Palace of Winds. This oversight was fixed in the Japanese and North American versions.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 風の宮殿 (Kaze no Kyūden) Palace of Winds
France FrenchEU Palais du Vent Palace of the Wind
Germany German Palast der Winde Palace of the Wind
Italy Italian Palazzo dei Venti Palace of the Wind
Spain SpanishEU Palacio de los Vientos Palace of Winds

Other Names

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Palace of the Winds[3]
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NameApplies toSourceSuperseded by
Palace of the Winds[3]



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