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The Kadaunar Shrine,[1] designated by the trial name Water Makes a Way,[1] is a Shrine of Light in Tears of the Kingdom.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Kadaunar Shrine is located on the South Eldin Sky Archipelago in the Eldin Canyon Sky.[2]

Themes and Navigation

The interior of the Shrine

The entrance chamber of Kadaunar Shrine is broken up by a pool of Lava. Along the right-hand wall, there is an immobile, wall-mounted Hydrant generating a constant stream of Water onto the Lava, creating Lava Slabs. By making use of Lava Slabs, Link can cross the Lava pool and reach the crossroads on the far side of the room. To the left of the crossroads there is a second pit of Lava beneath a ledge housing a Treasure Chest, and to the right is another room that is obstructed by a Cracked Block.

The room beyond the Cracked Block features a river of Lava flowing from the end of the Shrine with a lattice bridge connecting to a ledge across the Lava. Two Hydrants can be found on this ledge, allowing Link to create more Lava Slabs to travel up the river to the end of the Shrine.

A Statue of Rauru and Sonia can be found at the end of the Kadaunar Shrine. By interacting with the Terminal in front of the Statue, Link can receive a Light of Blessing to cleanse the corruption of Darkness from within him.[3][4]



Zonai Devices

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest

Atop the ledge over the small Lava pit on the left side of the entrance room

Treasure ChestContentsNotes

Atop the ledge over the small Lava pit on the left side of the entrance room


Names in Other Regions
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
卡達烏納里神廟 (Kǎdáwūnàlǐ Shénmiào)
The People's Republic of China
卡达乌纳里神庙 (Kǎdáwūnàlǐ Shénmiào)
The French Republic
Sanctuaire Gata Unali
Sanctuaire Gata Unali
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Sacrario di Qadau Nali
The Republic of Korea
카다우나리의 사당
The Kingdom of Spain
Santuario de Qadaunir
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