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The Jiosin Shrine,[1] designated by the trial name Shape Rotation,[1] is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Jiosin Shrine is a Shrine of Light on the Surface. It is located just outside the Hyrule Field Chasm in Central Hyrule. It corresponds to the Nisoij Lightroot in the Depths.

Themes and Navigation

The Jiosin Shrine focuses heavily on the precise use of the Ultrahand ability to manipulate the orientation of Objects. The starting room consists of a short hallway with a pit separating the hallway from the door to the next room and another room to the left from the Shrine entrance separated by a fence. The door across the pit cannot be reached because of its height and distance from the hallway where Link stands. A large stone in the room behind the fence can be used to cross the gap; however, it will not fit through the door that Link entered from. Link must use Ultrahand and rotate the slab in a position so it will fit through the X-shaped hole in the fence to reach the first room. Standing on the short end side of the stone (either short end) will line it up with the hole when Link rotates, without needing to rotate the stone at all. The stone can then be laid across the gap to reach the door.

The next area of the Shrine has two more fences separating rooms with large holes on either side. The room on the right side (when entering through the first door) contains the large stone needed to progress: two cubes connected on the diagonal. Like in the previous room, the stone must be positioned using Ultrahand to fit through the hole in the fence. Standing at the back of the room and facing the fence, rotating the stone twice forward and twice to the left will line it up with the hole to fit through.

An optional Treasure Chest can be obtained after getting the stone through this first hole. If Ultrahand is kept active from the previous hole, rotating the stone four times to the left will line up the stone with the hole in the ground which Link can use to climb up to the Treasure Chest, which contains a Hasty Elixir.

The cube-like stone must be used a second time to reach the final room of the Jiosin Shrine, but it must first fit through another hole. Keeping the same rotation from the previous use of the stone (if the stone was used to reach the optional Treasure Chest, four turns to the left or right will reset the stone), the following rotations will position the stone to fit through the door: two right, two up, one left, two down.

Finally, in the room across the fence, rotating the stone twice up, once right, twice up, then twice right will allow Link to climb on top of it to reach the next room where Link obtains a Light of Blessing from the statue of Rauru and Sonia.[2][3] The stone must be placed against the raised platform in order to climb on top of it.

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest

At the back of the second room, use Ultrahand to place the large cube-like stone in the hole in the floor and climb on top of it to reach the platform where the Treasure Chest sits.

Treasure ChestContentsNotes

At the back of the second room, use Ultrahand to place the large cube-like stone in the hole in the floor and climb on top of it to reach the platform where the Treasure Chest sits.


  • The large stones can actually be Fused to a Weapon or Shield, rendering the Shrine of Light impossible and forcing Link to restart it. Exiting and re-entering the Shrine of Light will respawn the stones, allowing for more attempts.


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