Sealed Grounds (Hyrule Warriors)

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Sealed Grounds

Era Sky Era
Main Theme Music
Sealed Ambition
Playable Character(s) Link
Mini-boss(es) The Imprisoned
Boss Ghirahim
The Demon Lord's Plan
Playable Character(s) Linkle
Mini-boss(es) Shield Moblins
The Imprisoned
Boss Ghirahim
Hall of TimeEast TempleTemple EntranceEast KeepWest KeepWest Cannon KeepEast Cannon KeepSouthwest KeepSouth KeepSoutheast Keep
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Sealed Grounds is a Stage in Hyrule Warriors.[name references needed] It contains the Scenario "Sealed Ambition" and "The Demon Lord's Plan", the second and third Scenarios of the Skyward Sword and Linkle's Tale arcs in Legend Mode, respectively.



Sealed Ambition

After winning the battle in Skyloft, the Hyrulean Forces, led by Link, return to their search for the era's Gate of Souls. Led by the advice by the newly joined recruit Fi, the Hyrulean Forces follow her guidance to the Sealed Grounds, where both the Gate and Ghirahim are hiding. Upon their arrival, they were immediately met by Ghirahim's resistance. He had put his trap into place.[1]

As the Hyrulean Forces enter the battle, Fi insists that they must defeat Ghirahim in order to close the Gate of Souls. However Fi notices that the temple to the north is firmly shut. She theorizes that defeating its Gatekeeper in the east should open it. The Hyrulean Forces leave Link to that task while they focus on the surrounding Keeps. However as Link defeats the Gatekeeper and owns the gate, he finds that the temple is only partially open. Meanwhile, the Hyrulean Forces notice more allied soldiers join their side. Fi announces that she can sense an evil spirit amongst them, and recommends they practice extreme caution. Shortly after, Ghirahim gives order to attack and an unknown presence responds. In that time, a fraction of the Hyrulean Forces turn traitorous and begin attacking their own Force. Although surprised, Fi believes their allies are merely confused, and asks that Link turn back and assist them. Link eventually finds the traitorous Captains, the Turncoat Soldiers, and combats them. However even as Link defeats them, another fraction of the Hyrulean Forces turn traitorous. Losing their will, a fraction of the unaffected Hyrulean Forces flee in response. Ghirahim is thrilled with the outcome, and has more enemy reinforcements appear inside the temple walls.

Knowing the imminent danger they are in, Fi tells Link that he must find and defeat the threat at cause. She theorizes that the Turncoat Leader must be hiding in or near one of the Keeps. Eventually Link finds and defeats him, thus eliminating the threat of further mutiny as all Turncoat Soldiers retreat. Angry by his foiled plans, Ghirahim uses the Gate of Souls to summon The Imprisoned from the Sealing Spike in the center of the field. The Hyrulean Forces immediately panic as The Imprisoned slowly heads towards the Allied Base. Fi urges Link that he defeat the monster immediately. Link destroys The Imprisoned's toes and proceeds to attack it in its stunned state, however The Imprisoned quickly gathers traction and closes in at its first destination at the West Cannon Keep. It flies up into the air to proceed destroying the Keep. Fi brings Link's attention to a Groosenator cannon inside the Keep, and urges he to use it to knock The Imprisoned out of the air and stun it. Link does so, and resumes his attack on The Imprisoned. Regaining its footing, the monster then heads to the East Cannon Keep as well. Link uses the Groosenator cannon there to again stun The Imprisoned and inflict heavy damage. He then finally defeats it, saving the Allied Base. The Hyrulean Forces' Morale improves with victory.

Fully enraged, Ghirahim challenges Link to come to him and opens all the temple doors. His Forces pour out of the temple in an all-out attack to the east and west. Fi and the Gorons leave to intercept them while Link hurries inside the temple. There he battles Ghirahim in the Enemy Base, where the Gate of Souls is kept. Ghirahim is defeated, and Link sends him into the Gate of Souls. Fi then appears and tells Link to raise his sword skyward and strike it down, thus closing the era's Gate of Souls.


Hyrulean Forces Ghirahim's Forces



Goron Captains

Bokoblin Captains

Hylian Captains

Deku Babas

Hylian Soldiers




Turncoat Leader

Turncoat Soldiers




The Imprisoned

The Demon Lord's Plan

"The Demon Lord's Plan" takes place shortly before the events of "The Demon Lord", as Linkle stumbles upon a confrontation between Fi and Ghirahim. Fi sensed that Ghirahim discovered a Gate of Souls and intended to use its power to summon The Imprisoned.[2] As Fi descends to the Sealed Grounds, she encounters Linkle and asks the hopeful hero to aid her in stopping Ghirahim's attempt to summon the great evil, which she obliges.[3]

The battle begins with Ghirahim failing to properly summon The Imprisoned, instead summoning several smaller iterations of the evil beast.[4][5] He concludes that in order to successfully summon The Imprisoned, he must have total control of the Sealed Grounds, and resolves to boost the ritual's power using the Gate of Souls.[6] Meanwhile, Ceremonial Troops spawn around the battlefield and serially summon miniature versions of The Imprisoned.

To stem the influx of The Imprisoned, Fi suggests that all Ceremonial Troops be defeated. Shortly thereafter, Controller Troops appear, directing the small army of The Imprisoned against Linkle's Forces, threatening to converge at the Allied Base.[7] Once the Controller Troops have been defeated, The Imprisoned will cease their assault on the Allied Base and return to rampaging around their location instead. Eventually, the Ceremonial Troops will run out of magic, halting their summoning rituals.[8][9] Unable to perform any magic, they instead attack Linkle's Forces with what resources they have left.

Once the Ceremonial Troops have been defeated, Ghirahim will close the Enemy Base to protect the Gate of Souls.[10] In desperation, Ghirahim resolves to draw power from The Imprisoned to crush Linkle's Forces in person,[11] opening the entrances to the temple and charging towards the Allied Base. Upon being defeated, Ghirahim will swear to succeed on his next attempt before retreating.[12] Having done her duty, Linkle's compass will glow as she leaves once more for her journey to Hyrule Castle.[13]

At some point during the Scenario, a Cucco Chick will appear and attempt to look for food. If it is attacked by Ghirahim's Forces before reaching its Feeding Grounds, it will run away. However, if it is safely escorted to the Feeding Grounds, it will eat and grow into a Gold Cucco, aiding Linkle's Forces.


Linkle's Forces Ghirahim's Forces



Brown Cuccos

Bokoblin Captains

Gold Cuccos

Shield Moblins


Ceremonial Troops

Controller Troops

The Imprisoned





Item Location Condition
Sealed Ambition

Gold Skulltula
North from the Southeast Keep in a cave hidden by vines. Defeat 1000 enemies.

Gold Skulltula
(Hard Mode)
In the East Temple Keep on the east wall. Play as Link with the Fire Rod. Within 15 minutes, stop The Imprisoned from destroying any keeps, and open the Enemy Base.

Piece of Heart
West Keep. Play as Link, capture the West Keep.

Heart Container
Beneath a boulder between the Temple Entrance and the East Temple Keep. Play as Fi.

Sealed Weapon
(White Sword)
East Cannon Keep. Capture the East Cannon Keep.
The Demon Lord's Plan

Gold Skulltula
Beneath a boulder at the center of the Sealed Grounds. Defeat 1000 enemies

Gold Skulltula
(Hard Mode)
Northwest of the Temple Entrance Keep. Play as Linkle, defeat all of the Ceremonial Troops, Controller Troops, and The Imprisoned.

Piece of Heart
East Temple Keep. Play as Linkle, capture the East Temple Keep.

Heart Container
Beneath a boulder to the west of the Hall of Time. Play as Fi.

Sealed Weapon
(Hylian Crossbows)
East Keep. Capture the East Keep.


  • After the Controller Troops have been defeated, Ghirahim will reference part of his initial monologue in Skyward Sword, saying, "I am furious! Outraged! Sick with anger! Fools! Give me all your power! ALL OF IT!"[14]


Names in Other Regions
封印の地 (Fūin no Chi) (HW) 
The French Republic
Vallon du sceau (HWDE)[17]Valley of the seal
Site du sceau (HWDE)[19]Seal site
The Federal Republic of Germany
Siegelhain (HWDE)[16]Seal Grove
The Italian Republic
Terra dell'Esilio (HWDE)[18]Land of Exile
Latin America
Tierra del presidio (HWDE)[15]Land of the prison
The Kingdom of Spain
Tierra del presidio (HWDE)Land of the prison
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