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The Imprisoned is a recurring Boss and character in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name references needed] It is Demise rendered in beast form due to the seal placed upon him by the goddess Hylia.[2]


Skyward Sword

Fi's Commentshide ▲
First battle
Fi says:

Target lock: The Imprisoned

I have insufficient data on this monster.

Its enormous size and ominous aura cannot be compared with previously encountered monsters.

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I can confirm that the sealing spike observed at the top of its head is the same object originally found in the Sealed Grounds.

I hypothesize that damage can be inflicted by driving the stone pillar into the monster's head.

But first, I recommend attacking the beast's feet--where your sword can reach--to stop it from moving.

It is probable that the monster will be unable to move if you destroy all of its toes.

I recommend using the air vents to move ahead of the monster instead of chasing it from behind.

If you are able to get between the monster's toes, my analysis indicates you can effectively inflict great damage with a spin attack.

You can also choose to decrease your risk of physical harm by using bombs to attack from a distance.

Second battle

Target lock: The Imprisoned

There is insufficient data on this target to make a full report at this time.

But I can confirm the appearance of limb-like appendages that were not previously present. The evil power of this creature has also increased.

Analysis indicates that you should be able to use the same basic strategy as in the previous encounter to seal the monster in its prison once more.

The fingers and toes on its limbs can be destroyed with a physical attack, but you should wait to do so until these targets become a very high priority.

I calculate a 100% probability that the large apparatus Groose constructed will be effective against this monster.

It is likely that a direct hit from this apparatus will stop the monster's movement, creating a window of opportunity for you to attack.

Groose's defense apparatus can be repositioned by pushing Control Left IconControl Right Icon.

When the monster is in your blind spot, I recommend you reposition the apparatus and target the monster.

Third battle

Target lock: The Imprisoned

Though the details are still unclear, this monstrosity is the demonic vessel of Demise.

I can confirm a previously unseen taillike appendage.

I recommend generous use of Groose's catapult.

You must attempt to seal this beast away again. I suggest a plan of attack similar to what you used in previous encounters.

The monster's fingers, like its toes, are comparatively soft targets and can be destroyed by physical attack.

After toppling the monster, it is possible that the beast's enormous bulk may prevent you from approaching the sealing spike.

In this scenario, I recommend that you descend a level and use an air vent to travel to the head of the monster.

The monster has evolved to an immensely powerful state. I calculate the odds you will defeat it by sword alone at approximately 0%.

I recommend you utilize Groose's defense apparatus. As a last-ditch measure, you can launch yourself, Master, as a projectile.

The Imprisoned is a massive beast with three rows of teeth and large black scales across its body that have red detailing. It has black flame-like spines across its back, and four large white appendages on each of its feet that resemble toes.

In the present era, Zelda uses the Gate of Time in order to return to the time where Demise was recently sealed. Entering an age-long sleep to sustain her mortal body, she managed to keep the seal intact until, thousands of years later, The Imprisoned grows strong enough to overcome it. He is driven back three times, initially by Link alone and later with Groose's help. In each instance, Link must topple The Imprisoned over and drive the sealing spike back into its forehead, and finally deliver a Skyward Strike to the spike to reset the seal.

Eventually, Link manages to acquire the complete Triforce, and wishes for the eradication of Demise. With Demise gone, Zelda awakes, since the seal she was sustaining was no longer necessary. At this point however, Ghirahim intervenes, capturing Zelda and bringing her to the past, where his master could still be revived. Despite his subsequent defeat by Link's hands, the ritual Ghirahim had begun to perform is completed, restoring Demise to his previous form.

The first time the beast escapes its seal, it only has two legs. The second time it gains arms, which also have white appendages, and tries to climb up to the Sealed Temple. During the third battle, it has a tail and can fly by releasing a large, floating black halo from its back which carries it through the air.

In all three battles, the general strategy for The Imprisoned is to destroy all eight of the appendages on its feet, causing it to fall down, then drive the Sealing Spike into its head. Link can also get a level above The Imprisoned then jump on its head and attack the Sealing Spike. However, The Imprisoned will throw Link off its head if he is too slow, forcing the hero to try once more. Despite this, the spike will retain its current depth. Driving the Sealing Spike into The Imprisoned's head three times will cause the beast to explode and be absorbed into the spike which will plummet back down to the original location. Link must then use a Skyward Strike onto the seal and follow a pattern to complete the seal.

During the second and third battle, Link will be accompanied by Groose who has built a machine, the Groosenator. Link can use the Groosenator to prevent The Imprisoned from climbing up the slopes of the pit, and also to stun him if The Imprisoned gets too far ahead or unapproachable. In the third battle, when The Imprisoned takes flight, a hit from the Groosenator will knock him back down to earth. However, the earthquake blocks Groose's stash of Bombs, so Groose must fling Link onto The Imprisoned's head.

If The Imprisoned manages to reach the Sealed Temple, Link receives a Game Over.[3]

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

File:HW The Imprisoned Render.png
The Imprisoned from Hyrule Warriors

The Imprisoned appears as a giant boss in several Legend Mode Stages and Adventure Mode Battles in Hyrule Warriors. In Legend Mode, it appears as a boss in the Scenarios "Sealed Ambition" and "The Demon Lord".

The Imprisoned appears identical to how it appeared in Skyward Sword, and is fought the same way. The Imprisoned will stomp around the battlefield, and occasionally sends red shock waves pulsating from its feet or as a brief force field that attempts to strike down opponents. Its eight toes must be attacked and destroyed, which will knock The Imprisoned down and expose its Weak Point Gauge. Unlike its previous incarnation from Skyward Sword, its entire body becomes vulnerable in this stage. It eventually regains mobility and slithers around in a rampage before eventually getting back up onto its feet again. At about half health, The Imprisoned's steps gain an electric shock wave, and it will sometimes make a smaller, quicker step after three normal steps. In "Sealed Ambition", The Imprisoned gains an additional strategy when it reaches key Keeps. It will fly up into the air using its black halo and attack the Keep. The Warrior must then activate the Groosenators within these Keeps to knock it down, damaging it and exposing its Weak Point Gauge. Failing to do so will allow The Imprisoned to destroy the Keep.

In Hyrule Warriors Legends, during the Linkle's Tale Scenario, "The Demon Lord's Plan", Ghirahim attempts many times to summon The Imprisoned but, due to the fact that his forces have not completely taken over the Sealed Grounds map, the ritual continues to fail and only summons small, weaker versions of the Imprisoned randomly around the map.

Additionally, in Hyrule Warriors Legends, a Warrior can unleash their Focus Spirit Attack on The Imprisoned to expose its Weak Point Gauge when it's rampaging on its stomach instead of waiting for it to stand up. If it's knocked down from a Focus Spirit Attack while still having its toes, destroying the toes will drain the Weak Point Gauge faster. Focus Spirit Attacks do not have this effect in Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition.

The Imprisoned will occasionally drop The Imprisoned's Scales Silver Material when defeated, and rarely The Imprisoned's Pillar Gold Material.

Smaller, weaker versions also appear in certain Adventure Mode stages that act as Captains. They possess a laser beam attack which exposes their Weak Point Gauge afterwards. They can be attacked normally, and do not drop Materials except in Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, The Imprisoned appears as a Trophy.

# Trophy Appears in Description How to unlock
226 N/A Skyward Sword Long ago, the demonic king Demise was sealed away by the goddess Hylia, but he awakens once more with the appearance of the Gate of Time. Perhaps because of the incomplete nature of his awakening, he takes this nightmarish form, sprouting more limbs and appendages every time he breaks through the seal that binds him. Random
The Imprisoned

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Imprisoned appears as an Advanced Primary Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Imprisoned's Spirit Battle involves a fight against a black-colored Giant King K. Rool alongside his hostile Ghirahim Assist Trophies. The conditions of The Imprisoned's Spirit Battle dictate that the enemy Fighter has increased defense at the cost of speed, the Battle is a Timed Stamina Battle, and hostile Assist Trophies will come to Giant King K. Rool's aid.


Names in Other Regions
  • 封印されしもの (Fūin sa reshi mono) (SS)[4]
  • 封印されしもの (Fūin sa Reshi Mono) (SSHD | SSBU)
  • The Sealed One
  • The Sealed One
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
被封印者 (Bèi Fēngyìn Zhě) (SSHD | SSBU) 
The People's Republic of China
被封印者 (Bèi Fēngyìn Zhě) (SSHD | SSBU) 
The French Republic
Le Banni (SS)[7]The Banished
The Federal Republic of Germany
  • Der Verbannte (SS | HWDE)[5]
  • De Banneling (SSHD)[6]
  • The Exiled
  • The Exiled
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