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Molgera is the Boss of the Wind Temple in The Wind Waker.[2]


When Molgera emerges from the sand, Link must be careful not to get too close to its gaping mouth; otherwise, the creature might devour him and cause damage before spitting him back out. Link must Target Molgera's tongue with the Hookshot so he can attack it with any weapon.

After enough damage is dealt, the boss will release three Molgera Larvae to distract Link. He can use the Hookshot to latch onto them and slash them with the Sword, rewarding him with Hearts. After Molgera sends its Larvae out, Link must watch for Molgera as it emerges from the sand and flies through the air, attempting to crush him when it dives back in.

After receiving enough damage, the boss flies into the air and explodes in a shower of sand, revealing the Triforce crest with blue light. This yields a Heart Container to Link as a reward and restores the Wind Temple's seal, allowing Makar to take up his role as the Wind Sage and restoring the remainder of the Master Sword's lost power.



Molgera's name is a play on Mogura, the Japanese word for mole.

Names in Other Regions
封印の守護者 モルド・ゲイラ (Fūin no Gādian Morudo Geira) (TWW)[4]Mold Gera, Guardian of the Seal
The French Republic
Gayla (TWW)[6] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Bannsiegelwächter Mordo Geira (TWW)[5] 
The Italian Republic
Gayla, guardiano del sigillo (TWW)[3]Gayla, guardian of the seal; simple transliteration
The Kingdom of Spain
Verminus (TWW)[7] 
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