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Colgera is a Boss in Tears of the Kingdom.[4]


Colgeras are massive worm-like creatures reminiscent of Molgera, with a jagged layer of ice serving as armor for them.[5] They have five eyes, large pincers, and a pair of wings on three of their body segments. One is responsible for the Extreme Cold Snap affecting the Hebra region.[5] After this Colgera's defeat in the Wind Temple, multiple Colgeras can be found in arenas throughout the Depths.

When defeated in the Depths, Colgeras drop Colgera Jaws, and unlock a Treasure Chest containing a Huge Crystallized Charge.

In battle, Colgera flies through the air, firing icicle spikes at Link if he gets too close.[5] It will also open portals that it will pass through to try and confuse Link about where it will be, sometimes appearing directly underneath him to perform a biting attack. The use of Tulin's Power of Wind is necessary to dodge this attack, and will generally come in handy for repositioning throughout the battle.

Colgera's weaknesses are the purple glowing spots on its body, which are protected by a layer of ice on its underside and the spiky shell on its top. The ice can be broken with Arrows (preferably ones that have been Fused with Fire Fruits, Fire Chuchu Jelly, or Bomb Flowers) or by skydiving onto it from above; despite Colgera's jagged exterior Link will not take damage from contact with it but he will be knocked back if his dive is not fast enough or if he hits the shell. Colgera takes a moment to regrow its spikes after shooting them and exposes its ice layer from above when it does so, making that moment ideal for Link to dive into it. Colgera harnesses wind to create powerful updrafts around it, which allow Link to glide up to it; using them will also fully restore his Stamina.[5]

After half its health is depleted, Colgera will begin to summon tornadoes to attack Link and will behave more aggressively.


  • Colgera is the one of two temple bosses whose HP doesn't scale based on story progression. It always has 600 HP total, and takes 100 HP for each weakspot hit.


Colgera's name appears to be a portmanteau of "cold" and "Molgera".

ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
フリザゲイラ (Furizageira)From フリーズ (Furīzu) ("to freeze") and モルド・ゲイラ (Morudo Geira) ("Molgera").
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
急凍蓋拉 (Jídòng Gàilā) 
The People's Republic of China
急冻盖拉 (Jídòng Gàilā) 
The French Republic
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
The Republic of Korea
프리즈게이라 (Peurijeugeira) 
Latin America
  • Gelminus[6]
  • Peligro del subsuelo[6]
  • Underground danger
The Kingdom of Spain
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