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Marbled Gohmas are Bosses in Tears of the Kingdom.[3]


Marbled Gohmas are four-legged, insectoid Monsters that are protected by rocky armor. Their Legs are covered in the Gloom Rocks that Marbled Rock Roast is mined from.[4] Like all Gohmas, they have a single Eye that acts as their weakness.[4] One Marbled Gohma created and spread Marbled Rock Roasts throughout the Eldin Region.[4] After this Marbled Gohma is defeated in the Fire Temple, multiple Marbled Gohmas can be fought in Boss Rematches throughout the Depths.

When defeated at Boss Rematches in the Depths, Marbled Gohmas drop a Marbled Gohma Leg and unlock a Treasure Chest containing a Huge Crystallized Charge.

Marbled Gohmas attack primarily by flinging explosive Gloom Rocks at Link, which can be destroyed by Yunobo's Power of Fire before they detonate. If Link is sufficiently close, Marbled Gohmas will try to stomp on him, which will also produce a small shockwave.[4]

As their Eyes are too high up for Link to reach and are protected from Arrows, Link must use Yunobo's Power of Fire to break their Legs. After breaking any two Legs, they will collapse to the ground, letting Link climb up their body to hit their Eyes. Alternatively, Link may use his Ascend ability to travel through their bodies, or use Recall on the Gloom Rocks to stun them with the explosion. Link must be sure to retreat when the bodies of Marbled Gohmas begin to shake, as he will otherwise take damage as they throw him off. At half health, Marbled Gohmas will try to cage Link with their Gloom Rocks, preventing him from outrunning the blasts and ensuring that he will take damage if he does not use Yunobo's Power of Fire in time.

In the Fire Temple, when at half health, the Marbled Gohma will cling to the ceiling and attack from above. While it can now be knocked down by breaking only one Leg, its position means that Link must angle Yunobo so he rolls up the walls and into a Leg in order to create an opening for attack.


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
ボルドゴーマ (Borudo Gōma)
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
巨礫哥馬 (Jùlì Gēmǎ)
The People's Republic of China
巨砾哥马 (Jùlì Gēmǎ)
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
The French Republic
The Federal Republic of Germany
Boldo Gohma
The Italian Republic
Gohma roccioso
The Republic of Korea
볼드고마 (Boldeugoma)
Latin America
Gohma rocoso[5]
The Kingdom of Spain
Gohma rocoso[6]
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  1. Marbled Gohma's HP depends on when Link faces it. Is has 800 HP the first temple Boss that Link has fought, 1200 HP if it is the second, 1600 HP if it is the third, 2000 HP if it is the fourth, and 2400 HP if it is the last. In the Depths or at Gloom's Origin, it will always have 2000 HP.
  2. The exp gained depends on which one is defeated. Link gets 300 exp for defeating it in the Fire Temple, 100 for defeating it in the Depths and 0 for defeating it at Gloom's Origin


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