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LD-003D Dreadfuse is a mini-boss in Skyward Sword,[1] appearing inside the Sky Keep. It bears a close resemblance to LD-002G Scervo and is a similar model.[2]


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Fi says:

Target lock: LD-003D Dreadfuse

This menacing robot guards Sky Keep. It is thought to be of a similar model to the robot that stole Skipper's ship in Lanayru Sand Sea.

As before, when fighting in a narrow space like this, it is more effective to use thrust attacks with your sword than to try to swing your sword widely.

Similar to the fight with LD-002G Scervo, Link encounters Dreadfuse on a broken bridge. When the fight begins, Dreadfuse will charge at Link. The young hero must push the android back to the edge, which will disarm its sword, initiating the second phase. Dreadfuse will then pull out a second sword and attack more frequently. If Link causes Dreadfuse to lose its balance, the android will electrically charge its sword until it regains balance. If Link pushes it back to the edge again, Dreadfuse will lose its other sword and its left arm.

Following this, Dreadfuse will attack Link using its hook. In this final phase, Dreadfuse can attack Link using a Spin Attack by spinning its upper body. To defeat it, Link only needs to push it back to the edge again, and it will fall to the ground and explode.

Upon Dreadfuse's defeat, metal bars across the bridge's gap will lift up to reveal a Clawshot target and a Treasure Chest containing a Small Key inside. The same Small Key that is used to open the door leading to the Triforce of Courage.


Dreadfuse's name is a portmanteau of "dread" and "dead fuse."

Names in Other Regions
RS-003K ドン・キラー (Don Kirā) (SS)[3]RS-003K Don Killer
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