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Tanks are recurring Enemies and Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]


Spirit Tracks

Tanks can appear in the Fire, Snow, and Forest Realms while Link is driving the Spirit Train. However, they only appear in the Forest and Snow Realms when no Dark Trains or Armored Trains are present. Attacking in groups of two or three, the Tanks' arrival is signaled by distinctive drum beat as they quickly catch up to the Spirit Train and open fire with cannonballs, which can be intercepted with the Train's own Cannon. Tanks can be defeated by shooting them twice with the Cannon, which earns Link a Blue Rupee.

If Link is carrying a Passenger aboard the Spirit Train anytime after rescuing Wadatsumi from the Pirate Hideout, the group of Tanks may include a larger Pirate Tank that will attempt to take the Passenger hostage.

Tears of the Kingdom

Tanks are attack-oriented Vehicles made from a unique base, which is connected to four Big Wheels, two Batteries, a Steering Stick, and a Cannon. Link can learn their Autobuild Schematic from a Yiga Schematic, which is located in a Relay Base west of the Usukaz Lightroot in the East Necluda Depths. It costs 41 pieces of Zonaite to create a Tank without any of the necessary building supplies.

A Yiga Footsoldier can be found driving a Tank at the Relay Base where Link obtains its Schematic.


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