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Eox is the seventh Boss in Phantom Hourglass.[2] It is a giant mechanical golem made of stone and wood that guards the Cobble's Aquanine.


Eox starts out as a giant golem that takes up both screens. In the first phase of the battle, Link must run around the arena dodging Eox's flurry of Arrows and fists. He must then head to one of four pedestals that spring him into the air when he hits it with the Hammer. Once in the air, Link must use the Hammer to hit the pegs that stick out of Eox's body. Repeating this will eventually shatter the stone outer body and reveal the wooden frame underneath, where four buttons that light up where the previous pegs were are revealed. Link must then hit another spring to bounce into the air and hit all four buttons in one leap, collapsing Eox and beginning the second phase of the battle.

In the second phase, Eox's head will hop around the room and shoot Arrows out of its mouth in different directions. Link must then lure him close to one of the springs so that when he launches into the air, he lands on top of Eox's head. Once on top, he must strike Eox's crystal with his Sword. Link may also hit the crystal with the Hammer until the head knocks him off.


Eox shares his Japanese name オーイス (Ōisu) with Mazaal, the Boss of the Fortress of Winds from The Minish Cap.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 古代巨岩兵 オーイス (Kodai Kyoganbei Ōisu) Ancient Giant Rock Soldier Ōisu
Canada FrenchCA Oohiss, Soldat Lithique Oohiss, Lithic Soldier
France FrenchEU Oohiss, Ancien Soldat Lithique Oohiss, Ancient Lithic Soldier
Germany German Uralter Steinsoldat Ohis Ancient Stone Soldier Ohis
Italy Italian Eox, Antico Soldato Roccia Eox, Ancient Rock Soldier
Korea Korean 고대거암병 오이스
Latin America SpanishLA Eox, Ancestral Soldado Roca Eox, Ancestral Rock Soldier



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