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Not to be confused with Medusa.

Medusa Head is the boss of the eighth dungeon in Oracle of Seasons, the Sword & Shield Maze.[2]


Medusa Head stands in the center of the room and attacks by throwing spheres that can temporarily turn Link into stone, and if Link gets petrified it will attack him further. It is also capable of firing a laser beam from its eyes.

There are two strategies Link can use to defeat the Medusa Head, namely:

  1. Jumping using the Roc's Cape to avoid the stun spheres, then evading its attack, then attacking it with his sword, or
  2. Using the Hyper Slingshot and Pegasus Seeds to stun it, then attacking.


  • Statues of the Medusa Head, or a creature very similar, appear in the higher levels of the completed Black Tower in Oracle of Ages.
  • An extremely similar enemy of the same name, albeit of significantly smaller size, appears in the NES game Castlevania and several of its sequels. Medusa Heads are also common enemies encountered in the Lolo series, also for the NES.


Medusa Head is a reference to the famed Gorgon of Greek mythology, Medusa, who got decapitated by Perseus. Additionally, the petrifying sphere attack is a reference to Medusa's primary ability: turning living beings into stone.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese メデロック (Mederokku)
France FrenchEU Madelock
Germany German Medlock