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Dongorongo is a Dodongo-like Boss in Phantom Hourglass.[2] It resides in the fifth Dungeon, Goron Temple.


Sending a Bombchu into a stunned Dongorongo's mouth

In the first phase of the battle, Link's path is blocked by a strip of quicksand that prevents him from crossing. However, Gongoron comes out of a hole in the wall behind Dongorongo and offers help to Link. The objective is to dodge the fireballs that Dongorongo blasts from its mouth and to avoid it when it charges at Gongoron. If the young Goron dodges the charge attack, Dongorongo will bash its head against the wall, briefly stunning it. When this happens, Gongoron can slam it onto its side to further stun it, which can be done by either tapping the Boss's back rapidly or by simply rolling Gongoron around to Dongorongo's side. During this time, Link must send a Bombchu into Dongorongo's mouth to damage it. Link must occasionally take control of himself during the battle, as Eye Slugs will spawn throughout the battle and attempt to attack him.

After successfully being fed three Bombchus, Dongorongo briefly rears up before collapsing, and a bridge appears and Gongoron walks out of the room. However, just as Link crosses the bridge, Dongorongo regains consciousness and some of the armor on its back breaks to reveal a large blue crystal, which is its weak point. Dongorongo will then begin to spit fireballs at Link and occasionally inhale to breathe fire at him. While it is inhaling, the hero must throw a Bomb into its mouth and, after incapacitating the Boss again, attack its weak point until it stands up. Repeating this a few times results in the true defeat of Dongorongo.


  • Just as the Boko Babas from The Wind Waker are thought to have evolved from Deku Babas, it is possible that Dongorongo is an evolutionary descendant of the classic Dodongo.
  • The crystalline growth on Dongorongo's back is almost identical to the Crimsonine barring the color, suggesting that the Pure Metal may have somehow been extracted from it or another member of its species. However, Zauz mentions that there is only one of each Pure Metal in the world.
  • Dongorongo's roar upon defeat is the same as the one heard when Molgera is defeated in The Wind Waker, although slowed down slightly and cut short by a few seconds.


Dongorongo's name is most likely a cross between "Dodongo" and "Goron" because it possesses the lizard-like body of a Dodongo, and the rock formations of a Goron. The name is also one letter off from Rongorongo, a mysterious script found on stone tablets on Easter Island, perhaps owing to the tribal nature of the Gorons.

ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
重機動鎧竜 ボンゴロンゴ (Jūkido Gairyū Bongorongo)[4]Heavy Mobile Ankylosaur Bongorongo
Stégoronsaure, Lézard Blindé[8] 
The French Republic
Stégoronsaure, lézard blindé[6] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Bongorong, die Panzerechse[5] 
The Italian Republic
Dongorongo, rettile corazza[3] 
Latin America
Dongorongo, Lagarto Blindado[7] 
The Kingdom of Spain
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