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Argoroks are recurring Bosses in The Legend of Zelda series.[3][4]


Twilight Princess

Midna's Commentshide ▲
Midna says:

Hey, it's that overgrown bird again. Maybe it's lonely because it can't fly down here...

Isn't there some spot where we can latch on to it? Then we could pull it down to us!

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Once Link latches onto Argorok's tail with the Clawshot and drops down or is thrown off

That thing's so big, Link! Your weight alone won't pull it down, I'm pretty sure.

What are you supposed to do in a situation like that? Come on, now! Remember!

Once Link pulls Argorok down by the tail using the Iron Boots

That thing's not going to come down if we just sit here waiting for it...

You won't have anywhere to run to, but you should try and get close and pull it down again.

Once Link pulls Argorok down a second time, revealing its weak spot

You saw its back, didn't you? I bet that's its weak spot!

We need to find a way to get up on its back.

Once Link Clawshots a Peahat

Maybe we could get on its back using those plants floating all around it.

Its back is its weak spot! Go for that, will you?!

Once Link attacks Argorok's weak spot

That's it, keep attacking its weak spot! If you don't stay sharp, that fire will engulf you!

Argorok is a red-orange wyvern covered in black armor, terrorizing the Oocca and wreaking havoc on the City in the Sky.[citation needed] As Link explores the City, Argorok can be seen flying overhead in the sky, sent by Zant.

The battle takes place at the highest point in the dungeon, a flat plain with four steel grated pillars and very strong winds. Argorok will primary attack by swooping down at Link to deal damage, Link must go to one of the pillars surrounding the field and climb to the middle of one of the pillars using the Double Clawshots. Link should not stand on the pillars for too long. If he does, Argorok will fly to Link's position and spew out fire at point-blank range, dealing damage. Once on a pillar, Link must wait until Argorok flies up to him and exposes its tail, which he must target with the Clawshot. Once he has a hold of it, he must equip the Iron Boots to send Argorok crashing to the ground, destroying some of its armor. After this is done twice, the rest of the armor will break away and reveal a new weak spot on its back. At this point, Peahats burst from the ground to serve as extra Clawshot points, and Argorok will remove the rest of its armor. Link must climb to the top of the pillars and use the Peahats to Clawshot his way around the area as Argorok breathes fire at him. Once Argorok pauses, Link must make his way around to its back and jump to the new weak point with the Clawshot. Link must then slash it with the Sword as the boss falls, eventually depositing him on the ground again. After this strategy is used twice, Argorok changes directions. This process must be repeated until Argorok is defeated.

Once Argorok has been defeated, Link receives the final Mirror Shard and a Heart Container.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, Argoroks appear as Giant Bosses that are encountered in several Legend Mode and Adventure Mode stages. In Legend Mode, one appears in "The Shadow King" and two appear in "Liberation of the Triforce".

During battle, Argoroks stay in flight, making them unreachable by most attacks. They attack by charging, kicking up whirlwinds with their wings, and breathing a stream of fire that also surrounds them. While creating whirlwinds, the tip of the Argorok's tail glows blue, making it vulnerable to the Hookshot, which will latch on and pull the Argorok down, revealing its Weak Point Gauge. The Hookshot can also be used while they are breathing fire, but only when their tails are glowing blue, otherwise, the flames will burn the Warrior attempting it.

In "The Shadow King," the Argorok has a unique strategy as it first appears too high in flight for the Hookshot to reach. It appears at different times, where it takes over a Keep it flies over while attacking the Allied Base with fire balls. Either Lana or Midna must be escorted to these Keeps to create a Magic Circle, which upon activation, summons chains that wrap around Argorok. However, it breaks free and temporarily retreats before appearing again shortly thereafter. When the Great Fairy is summoned later in the battle, she pulls the Moon down and slams it into Argorok, which knocks it down, where it can be fought normally.

When defeated, Argoroks usually drops the Argorok's Embers Silver Material or the Argorok's Stone Gold Material.


  • Argorok is unique among the Bosses of Twilight Princess in that, rather than being damaged by handheld Weapons during the first battle phase, it only receives damage after Link slams it into the ground.
  • Argorok is the second Boss in Twilight Princess to appear early on in a Dungeon, the first being Blizzeta.


Argorok is a play on "Argo", an archaic term for the Ancient Greeks, whose architecture the City in the Sky resembles, and "rok", a term used in the series for dragon enemies. It may also be a play on Kargarok, a similar, more common enemy that resembles a bird.

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