The Shadow King

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The Shadow King

Stage Palace of Twilight
Era Era of Twilight
Playable Character(s) Lana
Mini-boss(es) Argorok
Boss Zant
Main Item Hookshot
Main Theme Music "Remnant of the Twilight"
Previous ScenarioNext Scenario
Land of TwilightThe Sacred Sword
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"The Shadow King" is the second Scenario of the Twilight Princess arc of Legend Mode in Hyrule Warriors.[name references needed] It takes place in the Palace of Twilight.


After the battle at the Twilight Field and Midna and Agitha joining their cause, the Hyrulean Forces continue their search for the era's Gate of Souls. With the help of Agitha's Goddess Butterfly, they are eventually led to the Palace of Twilight, where the Gate of Souls lies hidden deep within the palace walls. Zant however, who had seized the palace and sided with Cia, had prepared for their arrival with his army to prevent them from their task. Lana and Midna take charge as they enter and infiltrate the palace grounds.

Midna (or Lana if playing as Midna) stays behind to watch the Allied Base while Lana attacks the palace. Midna promptly recommends they go east first and capture the upper and lower levels of the palace, with Agitha joining. Zant's Forces prepare to counterattack as they advance towards the Allied Base while Zant fiercely guards the Gate of Souls. Midna is confused why Zant would be guarding the gate. After the Hyrulean Forces capture the first eastern Keep, Zant gives command for the palace bridges to be cut off. The stone bridges are immediately demolished, leaving behind rubble and preventing the Hyrulean Forces from leaving the palace. Midna however encourages Lana to stay focused and capture the other Keep. After capturing the last Keep, Lana (or Midna) obtains the Hookshot, allowing her to propel herself over the broken bridges. With the Keep's gate still unable to open, the Hyrulean Forces are forced to backtrack.

Just as the Hyrulean Forces conquer the Keeps, Zant sends Argorok outside to attack the battlefield. It immediately begins to advance towards the West Square Keep, which quickly falls to its intense fiery attacks. With the Keep fallen, Argorok begins to attack the Allied Base from afar by raining fire. The Hyrulean Forces immediately take notice that Argorok is flying too high to reach. Midna exclaims that they will have to use magic in order to damage the dragon mid-flight. She volunteers to create a Magic Circle in the Keep beneath it, and tells everyone to buy her some time while she hurries to the Keep. Lana is tasked with reclaiming the West Square Keep so the Magic Circle can be made. In his confidence, Zant opens his Base's gates as more enemy reinforcements emerge to attack the Allied Base in Midna's absence. Enemy forces also advance towards Agitha, who is keeping hold of the eastern Keeps alone. She however assures that she will do her best.

Eventually Lana recaptures the West Square Keep, allowing Midna to create the Magic Circle there. The Magic Circle summons magical chains that bind around Argorok, however the dragon manages to break free of them and momentarily retreats. Zant swears he is not defeated, and initiates his next plan to capture the Hyrulean Forces' commanders. He sends two Commandos to capture Agitha. Lana hurries to her defense and defeats the Commandos, saving her and increasing her Morale. If however Agitha is not saved, she will be forced to retreat from the battle. Argorok reappears shortly after and continues to wreck havoc again. It captures the Central Square Keep where it continues to attack the Allied Base. Midna again advises they recapture the Keep to create another Magic Circle. The circle summons more chains, but Argorok still breaks free. Midna concedes that the only way they will defeat the dragon is if they bring it down to their level. More of Zant's reinforcements then arrive to attack the Allied Base as Argorok quickly returns.

In the midst of the situation, Agitha announces that her Goddess Butterfly wants to lead them to the building in the southeast, which happens to contain a Fairy Fountain. Midna discovers another Magic Circle inside, and believes it should have enough power to take down Argorok. As the Hyrulean Forces hurry to the fountain, Zant commands his troops to attack alongside Argorok. The Magic Circle summons the Great Fairy, who conjures magical chains to bind Argorok. When these chains fail, another appears to pull down a recreation of the Terminan Moon from the sky. The Moon crashes into Argorok, knocking it down closer to ground level. With the dragon now weakened, Lana leaves to defeat it using her Hookshot. After Argorok is defeated (or alternatively, severely weakened), Zant is forcefully drawn out onto the battlefield. He is also defeated, thus ending the battle as Lana and Midna leave to dispel the Gate of Souls. Just as Lana closes the gate, Cia suddenly appears. Midna recognizes her as the one who cursed her to look like an imp.[1] She soon leaves however after Midna hits her for being mocked.


Hyrulean Forces Zant's Forces Rogue Forces

Hylian Captains

Hylian Soldiers

Bulblin Captains



Fiery Aeralfos

ReDead Knights






Gold Cucco


Item Location Condition

Gold Skulltula
Underneath the boulder west of North Palace Defeat 1000 enemies

Gold Skulltula
(Hard Mode)
Outside the southern door of the Enemy Base Play as Midna, defeat Argorok while maintaining health of at least 50% and keeping Agitha alive

Piece of Heart
West Palace Play as Lana

Heart Container
Underneath the boulder on the east side of the Enemy Base Play as Midna


Names in Other Regions
The Federal Republic of Germany
Der Schattenkönig (HWDE)The Shadow King
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  1. "She's the one! I'm cursed to look like this because of HER!" — Midna (Hyrule Warriors)