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Valoo is a character in The Wind Waker.[5]


The Wind Waker

Valoo resides at the top of Dragon Roost Island and is the patron deity and protector of the Rito people that dwell there. Valoo only speaks the ancient Hylian Language, so there are few who can understand him, and even his attendant Medli has trouble sometimes. Valoo grants the Rito their wings when they come of age and always protects them from harm.[6] When Link first visits Dragon Roost Island, he finds out that Valoo is in a predicament: he is being tortured by Gohma hidden in the mountain beneath Valoo's high peak. The dragon's change of temperament has prevented young Rito (such as Komali) from reaching him to receive the scale that allows them to grow their wings.[7][8] Moreover, one of Valoo's recent rampages caused a boulder to crash down the mountain, breaking the bridge leading to Dragon Roost Cavern and plugging the nearby spring.[9] Link must defeat Gohma in order to stop the Sky Spirit's rampage and receive Din's Pearl from Prince Komali.

After Valoo is saved, he recognizes Link as a true hero and tells him to use the Wind God's Wind to aid the young hero on his quest.[10][11][12] Later, after Link visits Greatfish Isle, it is Valoo who tells Quill to give word to Link about the whereabouts of the Water Spirit Jabun.[13]

Just before Link and Tetra are about to be defeated by Ganondorf at the top of the Forsaken Fortress, Valoo, Komali, and Quill rescue them. The two Rito swoop in and take Link and Tetra to safety before Valoo unleashes a blast of fire onto Ganondorf's viewing platform in an attempt to kill him. However, just before Valoo departs, the Sky Spirit warns the King of Red Lions that his fire alone cannot possibly destroy Ganon.[14]

Valoo is thought to be a descendant of Volvagia.[15]

Non-Canon Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Series

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Valoo appears as a Trophy and Sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Trophy Information
# Trophy Significant Games Description How to unlock
The Wind Waker A spirit of the skies sacred to the Rito people. He lives atop Dragon Roost Island. Adult Ritos receive a scale from Valoo that allows them to grow wings and fly. Usually the friendly type, he becomes enraged when the evil creature Gohma grabs his tail, tethering him. Link battles Gohma and frees Valoo, who expresses his thanks to Link and labels him "The Hero of Winds." Random
Sticker Information
Sticker Artwork from Effect in The Subspace Emissary Usable by

The Wind Waker [Specials: Indirect] - Attack +19 All

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Valoo — Spirit Battle Information
Support Spirit
No. 252
Team Power Attack | 4000 Rank ★★ ADVANCED Fighter(s)
Stage Wuhu Island Theme "Dragon Roost Island" Charizard
Rule(s) Hazard(s)
 • The enemy is giant
Valoo — Spirit Information

No. 252
Rank ★★ ADVANCED Cost
Falling Immunity
Grants immunity to tripping from earthquakes, Banana Peels, etc.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Valoo appears as a Spirit with the ability, Falling Immunity, which grants a Fighter immunity to tripping.



Names in Other Regions
ヴァルー (Varū) (TWW | SSBU)[17]
The French Republic
Valoo (TWW)[19]
The Federal Republic of Germany
Valoo (TWW)[18]
The Italian Republic
Valoo (TWW)[16]
The Kingdom of Spain
Valú (TWW)[20]
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