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Not to be confused with Cylos, a similar character from Phantom Hourglass.

Cyclos is a character in The Wind Waker.[2]


Cyclos used to be as kind and wise as his older brother Zephos, but once his monument was destroyed, he dedicated his life to using his control over cyclones to wreak havoc on all who encountered him.[1] Many say that if one could harness the power of Cyclos' magic, there would be no telling how useful his cyclones could be.[3]

Link can find Cyclos in a humongous cyclone throughout various islands of the Great Sea. These include Mother & Child Isles, the Northern Triangle Island, and Shark Island. If he sails close to it, Cyclos will draw him in, giving Link a slim chance to defeat him with his Bow before being blown away into another part of the Great Sea. If Link succeeds at shooting three Arrows at Cyclos, he will be impressed with his skills and teach the hero the "Ballad of Gales," allowing Link to use the deity's cyclones to warp to different islands in the Great Sea.[4][5]


Names in Other Regions
ライチン (Raichin) (TWW)[7] 
The French Republic
Cyclos (TWW)[9]
The Federal Republic of Germany
Cyclos (TWW)[8]
The Italian Republic
Beolo (TWW)[6]Portmanteau of brezza (breeze) and Eolo (Aeolus)
The Kingdom of Spain
Cyclos (TWW)[10]
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