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Malanya is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[5][6][7]


Breath of the Wild

Malanya is the god who watches over the Horses of the world.[8] He makes his home in the Faron Region in Malanya Spring, near the Lake of the Horse God. While he has a strange sense of humor about reviving Horses, he will not harm those who truly care for them.[9]

When first visited, Malanya is found trapped inside the bud of his Spring. He begs Link to listen to his story.[10] If Link agrees, Malanya introduces himself and asks if he has ever lost one of his Horses.[11] Malanya claims that if his power is restored, he will be able to help Link.[12] In order to regain his power, Malanya requires 1,000 Rupees.[13] His hand will appear from inside the bud, and he will ask Link to hand over his Rupees.[14]

If Link agrees to the payment, Malanya will thank him.[15] Malanya Spring will then open, and Malanya's power will be restored.[16] Malanya himself then emerges from the Water, and he remarks on how free he feels.[17] He recognizes Link as the one who set him free.[18] Malanya then properly introduces himself to Link, explaining he presides over the Horses of the world.[8] Since Link helped, Malanya believes he should grant Link a reward.[19] Malanya considers eating him for a meal, which causes Link to take on a defensive stance.[20] However, Malanya reveals that he is joking.[21]

Malanya explains that if one of Link's Horses is killed, he will be able to revive it.[22] This only works on Horses that have been registered at a Stable. He warns Link that if he believes the Horse's death was by his own hands, he will be subject to his wrath.[23] Claiming to be joking once again, Malanya takes a look at Link's Horses.[24]

On subsequent visits to Malanya Spring, Malanya will recognize Link when he emerges from the Water.[25] He asks Link why he has returned, and he takes a look at Link's Horses to ensure their wellbeing.[26]

Should Link not have any dead Horses, Malanya claims that all seems well.[27] If Link has a high bond with one of his Horses, Malanya notes that they have an extraordinary friendship.[28] He reminds Link that his Horses care for him, just as he does for them.[29]

Alternatively, if Link does not have any Horses registered when he speaks to Malanya, he will be shocked.[30] Malanya cannot imagine going through life without a Horse, but he supposes this is how Link lives his life.[31] He is unable to do anything to help those who have decided to avoid Horses.[32] However, if Link ever does befriend a Horse that later dies, Malanya tells him to come see him.[33]

If one of Link's Horses has died, Malanya will be able to tell.[34] In anger, he threatens to end Link.[35] He quickly calms down, revealing this to be another joke, and he asks Link if he would like the Horse to be revived.[36] If Link agrees, Malanya will ask him to choose among his deceased Horses.[37] Depending on how Link's Horse died, Malanya will have differing reactions to Link's request.

If Link's Horse died to a Guardian, Malanya will be moved by how well it served its master.[38] However, Malanya becomes angry that Link was not able to control his Horse well enough to save its life.[39] Malanya then claims to be joking, and he asks Link if he is certain he wants to revive this Horse.[40]

If Link's Horse died due to an explosion, Malanya will be saddened by its manner of death.[41] While he does not want to cast unwarranted doubt on Link, he wonders if he actually killed his Horse.[42] However, Malanya decides this could not be, and he asks Link again if he wants to revive the Horse.[43]

If Link's Horse was killed by him, Malanya will be shocked.[44] He asks Link if he only wants to revive his Horse so he can kill it again, and he accuses Link of thinking of Horses only as tools that can be discarded.[45] Malanya claims that if he were a Horse, he would kick Link in the chest.[46] After claiming to be joking again, Malanya asserts that Link likely struck his Horse on accident, and he asks for confirmation that Link would like to revive his "temporarily betrayed" friend.[47]

If Link's Horse died in any other manner, Malanya will call it an accident, which he assures Link happen sometimes.[48] He claims that the Horse knows that its death was not Link's intention, and he asks Link if he is certain that this is the Horse he wants to revive.[49]

When Link once again confirms his decision to revive his Horse, Malanya will then attempt to bring it back.[50] He will then wave his hands in the air and spin his head, after which the selected Horse will appear nearby. After this, Malanya proclaims that he was successful in reviving the Horse.[51] In the future, Malanya reminds Link to take good care of his Horses, as they are supposed to be partners.[52] He warns Link that he will regret it if he is careless with them.[53] Malanya claims that he is only joking for now.[54] At the end of their conversation, Malanya will collapse and fall back into his Spring.

When Link makes another visit to Malanya Spring, Malanya will be shocked that he has come back to revive another Horse.[55] He explains that he only helped Link for free the first time due to the fact that he freed him, but he is too busy to always be available to him.[56] However, Malanya reveals that if Link were to bring him something, he would continue to revive his Horses.[57] At Link's confusion, Malanya reveals that he needs Endura Carrots, which he has only eaten once.[58] When Link hands over an Endura Carrot, Malanya will agree to revive one of his Horses.[59]

Tears of the Kingdom

After the Upheaval, Malanya has relocated his Spring to Akkala, on a peninsula within Bloodleaf Lake near East Akkala Stable. Initially, he will stay inside Malanya Spring, but he will leave when Link gives him an Endura Carrot.[60]

After receiving the Endura Carrot, Malanya will grant Horse-related wishes for Link in exchange for food.[61] In addition to resurrecting dead Horses in exchange for a Roasted Endura Carrot, Malanya now offers to enhance a Horse's stats if given certain Meals.[62][63] However, he cannot enhance the stats of Epona, the Giant Horse, or Giant White Stallion, claiming it does not want their abilities enhanced.[64] Each trait can be upgraded to five stars at maximum, at which point Malanya claims the Horse will become too powerful if he continues.[65]

Malanya is also featured on the Horse-God Fabric, unlocked at five Pony Points. He also delivers messages to those who sleep in a Malanya Bed, unlocked at seven Pony Points.


Malanya will accept Meals regardless of their specific ingredients or whether they grant any additional effects.


Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Malanya appears in one variation of the Great Fairies' Weak Point Smash, where he summons an army of Horses to trample the enemy.

In the "Shimmering Horseshoe" Quest, it is revealed he joined the battle at the request of the four sisters,[7] and receives a horseshoe pendant as an offering in return.[66] He is also mentioned in the "Lushify the Spring" Quest as appearing pleased by having more visitors due to added plants around the Great Fairy Fountains.[67]



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