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Regions are the collective name for several recurring locations in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name references needed]

Features and Overview

Breath of the Wild

There are eight geographical Regions in Breath of the Wild. They are:

There are also fifteen Regions based on the area mapped by each Sheikah Tower, some primarily analogous to their respective geographical Region. They are:

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity


Names in Other Regions
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  1. "You aren't from around here, are ya? Hwa ha ha! When you get to my age, you can tell just by lookin' at people's faces. This here Woodland Stable borders the Eldin region and Hyrule Field. It's a central fixture for travelers. Also the Great Hyrule Forest, which is where the stable got its name, is right over yonder. Do you want me to tell you about the surrounding areas?" — Ashe (Breath of the Wild)