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Stables are recurring locations in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name references needed]

Features and Overview

Ocarina of Time


Breath of the Wild

Stables are yurt-like structures found throughout Hyrule. They are characterized by their giant, Horse-shaped rooftop decorations. They are places where travelers, such as Link, can register and board Wild Horses that they have tamed. In addition, these travelers can seek lodging inside the Stable's main room.[2] The owner of a Stable can instruct Link on how to capture Wild Horses, should he need to know.[3] All Stables are connected through a network across Hyrule, allowing Link to call a registered Horse to any of the Stables he visits.[4]

To register a Horse, Link must first catch and domesticate a Wild Horse and bring it to a Stable before speaking to the Stable owner.[5] It is not necessary to ride a Horse while speaking to the Stable owner to register it, as Link can simply bring the Horse near the Stable and speak to the owner. During the registration process, Link is able to view the Horse's qualities, which are based on Strength, Speed, Stamina, Temperament, and Bond to Link, as well as the Horse's headshot.[6] He is also able to name his Horse at this point, provided the name fits within a nine character text limit. Stables only allow patrons to carry a maximum of five Horses, though Horses can be swapped at any time. Stables charge a fee of 20 Rupees each time a Horse is registered to fund their conservation efforts as well as cover the cost of a Saddle and Bridle, which, once paid for, will be automatically put on Link's Horse.[7] After registering a Horse, Link is given the option to board it or to take it with him.[8]

Stables also serve as hubs for the various people of Hyrule, such as the merchant Beedle, or various characters who can provide Side Quests.[9]

List of Stables

Tears of the Kingdom

The Serenne Stable relocated south to North Hyrule Plain after the road west of Carok Bridge was constructed.[10] Due to the Upheaval, a fierce Blizzard formed over the Hebra Region.[citation needed] The extreme shift in the Freezing Climate became unbearable for the residents of the Rito Stable, and so they moved away.[citation needed] Traysi opportunistically purchased the Stable and converted it into the Lucky Clover Gazette.[citation needed]

All Stables give off a horseshoe-shaped Smoke Signal.

List of Stables



Names in Other Regions
馬宿 (Umayado) (BotW)Stable
The Italian Republic
Stalla (OoT3D)[13]Stable
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