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Woodland Stable is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2][3]

Features and Overview

Breath of the Wild

Woodland Stable is a Stable located in Eldin Canyon, bordering Hyrule Field and the Great Hyrule Forest.[4] Its name is derived from its proximity to the Great Hyrule Forest.[4] The Stable sits beside Pico Pond, where Mirro Shaz Shrine can be found nearby. It features an outdoor seating area, in addition to a pen for livestock. Like other Stables, it has a Cooking Pot available for travelers to use. Inside the Stable is a poster, which depicts a Recipe for Hasty Vegetable Curry.

Woodland Stable is run by Kish, who mans both its Horse-boarding services and Inn.[5][6] A worker at the Stable, Breen, is able to change the Horse Gear or Mane of Link's Horses.[7] An elderly worker, Ashe, is able to tell Link about points of interest in the area.[8] His granddaughter Shamae also lives at the Stable. The Hylian traveler, Molo, can be found sitting outside the Stable.

Beedle is a visitor of Woodland Stable, where he offers to sell his wares to Link. The travelers Boldon and Karsh both stop at the Stable during their journeys. If Link saves Leekah to the southeast, she will return to the Stable for safety.[9][10] While returning to Korok Forest, Hestu becomes lost at Woodland Stable.[11] After upgrading Link's Inventory four times, he will remember the way and leave the Stable.[12] Lastly, if Link has completed "Find the Fairy Fountain", he can meet Pikango at Woodland Stable during the "Captured Memories" Main Quest. When spoken to, he is able to identify the Sacred Ground Ruins in the first Picture of Link's Album.[13]

When staying at Woodland Stable, Link can choose to rest in either a regular Bed for 20 Rupees or a soft Bed for 40 Rupees.[14] Kish explains that the soft Bed leaves its users feeling more energized when they wake up.[15] If Link decides to stay at the Stable, Kish offers to wake him up in the morning, at noon, or in the evening.[16] Once Link makes his choice, Kish will send him off to sleep.[17][18] When Link wakes up, Kish will greet him.[19][20][21] By sleeping in the soft Bed}, Link will receive a bonus Heart when he wakes up.

As part of the "Balloon Flight" Side Quest, Shamae asks Link to put Octo Balloons on a nearby Barrel to make it float.[22][23] Once Link does so, Shamae will excitedly share her dreams about a land in the sky and flying on a giant bird.[24] She then gives Link a Star Fragment as a reward.[25]

When The Master Trials Downloadable Content Pack is active, a copy of the Super Rumor Mill V1 will appear on the table inside Woodland Stable. As part of the "EX Strange Mask Rumors" Side Quest, Link is tasked with reading the Book to learn the location of the Korok Mask.[26] From the Super Rumor Mill V1, he discovers that the Korok Mask is hidden in a Tree in the Lost Woods.[27]

If Link befriends Woodland Stable's Hylian Retriever, it will lead him to a metal Treasure Chest, which is buried beneath a Tree across the road.[28] Using the Magnesis Rune, Link can pull the Chest above ground and open it, receiving a bundle of 10 Ice Arrows.[28]




Tears of the Kingdom

Related Quests





Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest
1100, 1112, 0022

Embedded in the ground beside the Tree at the southeastern end of the Stable
Can only be found after befriending the Hylian Retriever

Treasure ChestContentsCoordinatesNotes
1100, 1112, 0022

Embedded in the ground beside the Tree at the southeastern end of the Stable
Can only be found after befriending the Hylian Retriever

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity


Names in Other Regions
  • 森の馬宿 (Mori no Umayado) (BotW)
  • もり森のうまやど馬宿 (TotK)
  • Forest Stable
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
森林驛站 (Sēnlín Yìzhàn) (TotK) 
The People's Republic of China
森林驿站 (Sēnlín Yìzhàn) (TotK) 
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Woudstal (BotW)[29]Same as English.
Relais de la forêt (TotK) 
The French Republic
Relais de la forêt (TotK) 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Stall des Waldes (TotK) 
The Italian Republic
Stallaggio del bosco (TotK) 
The Republic of Korea
숲의 마구간 (TotK) 
Latin America
Rancho del bosque (BotW)[30]Woodland Ranch
The Kingdom of Spain
Rancho del bosque (TotK) 
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