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Main Quests are a recurring mechanic in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]


Breath of the Wild

Main Quests are a variety of quest accessed from the Adventure Log. Most are related to the main story of Breath of the Wild, though only three, ("Follow the Sheikah Slate", "The Isolated Plateau", and "Destroy Ganon") are actually require completion to beat the game. Main Quests are generally longer and more extensive than Side or Shrine Quests.

There are 15 Main Quests in the base game, with an additional five added in The Champions' Ballad DLC pack, for a total of 20.

List of Main Quests

List of Main Quests
Main Quest Quest Giver Location
Destroy Ganon King Rhoam Great Plateau
EX The Champions' Ballad (TCB) Zelda Shrine of Resurrection
EX Champion Urbosa's Song (TCB) Monk Maz Koshia East Gerudo Mesa
EX Champion Daruk's Song (TCB) Monk Maz Koshia Eldin Mountains
EX Champion Mipha's Song (TCB) Monk Maz Koshia Ja'Abu Ridge
EX Champion Revali's Song (TCB) Monk Maz Koshia Strock Lake
Follow the Sheikah Slate ??? Great Plateau
The Isolated Plateau Old Man Great Plateau
Seek Out Impa King Rhoam Great Plateau
The Hero's Sword Great Deku Tree Korok Forest
Free the Divine Beasts Impa Kakariko Village
Locked Mementos Impa Kakariko Village
Divine Beast Vah Medoh


Rito Village
Divine Beast Vah Rudania Bludo Goron City
Reach Zora's Domain Sidon Inogo Bridge
Divine Beast Vah Ruta King Dorephan Zora's Domain
Forbidden City Entry Benja Gerudo Town
Divine Beast Vah Naboris Riju Gerudo Town
Captured Memories Impa Kakariko Village
Find the Fairy Fountain Pikango Kakariko Village

Tears of the Kingdom

Main Quests return in Tears of the Kingdom, functioning the same as in Breath of the Wild.

List of Main Quests

List of Main Quests
Main Quest Quest Giver Location
Destroy Ganondorf Purah Lookout Landing
Find Princess Zelda Steward Construct Great Sky Island
The Closed Door Rauru Great Sky Island
To the Kingdom of Hyrule Zelda's Voice Temple of Time
Regional Phenomena Purah Lookout Landing
Find the Fifth Sage Purah Lookout Landing
Crisis at Hyrule Castle Purah Lookout Landing
Trail of the Master Sword Mineru Spirit Temple
Recovering the Hero's Sword Great Deku Tree Korok Forest
Tulin of Rito Village Teba Rito Village
Yunobo of Goron City Yunobo Goron City
The Sludge-Covered Statue Yona Zora's Domain
The Broken Slate Jiahto Toto Lake
Restoring the Zora Armor Yona Zora's Domain
Clues to the Sky Jiahto Toto Lake
Sidon of the Zora Yona Zora's Domain
Riju of Gerudo Town Riju Gerudo Town
Secret of the Ring Ruins Tauro Kakariko Village
Guidance from Ages Past Zonai Relic Dragonhead Island
Camera Work in the Depths Josha Lookout Landing
A Mystery in the Depths Josha Lookout Landing
Impa and the Geoglyphs Cado New Serenne Stable
The Dragon's Tears Impa New Serenne Stable


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