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Old Men are recurring characters in The Legend of Zelda series.[4][5][6][7]


The Legend of Zelda

An Old Man giving Link a 2nd Potion or a Heart Container from The Legend of Zelda

In The Legend of Zelda, there are several Old Men across Hyrule, each serving various needs, such as supplying Link with his first Sword,[8] or giving helpful advice regarding enemies such as the Dodongo.[9] Many helpful items can be obtained from these old men, and a mini-game can be played with them called the Money Making Game.[10] If he is found in dungeons and is stabbed, the Torches around him will fire energy blasts at Link, similar to those of a Stone Statue.

Link can receive the Letter from the Letter-Entrusting Old Man in a northeast cave of Hyrule.[11] When Link shows the Letter to various Old Women, they will sell him Life Potions and 2nd Potions.[12]

An Old Man is present in each Warp Hall. They inform Link of the area's function, transportation.[13]

Old Man's Advice


The Old Man gives Link the three Swords available in the game, the Sword, the White Sword, and the Magical Sword.

Dungeon Quotes

These quotes are spoken when Link meets the Old Man in a Dungeon.

Overworld Quotes

Quotes spoken in random places such as caves around Hyrule.

The Adventure of Link

In The Adventure of Link, one Old Man resides in each town.[14] They teach Link useful Magic once he has achieved the necessary prerequisites.[15] These magical abilities are usually required for access to the next area that Link must travel to.

Oracle of Seasons

The secret home of the Old Man from Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons, Old Men appear in caves that Link finds using by using the Shovel or burning Saplings using Ember Seeds. Some bribe Link not to tell anybody about their secret caves by giving him a large sum of approximately 300 Rupees. Others will thank Link, and charge him a large sum of money in order to repair their doors.

There are three special Old Men in Holodrum who differ from the rest. The first (and only required one) lives in a house in Holodrum Plain, accessible after getting the Flippers. At first, the Old Man will only mutter to himself about someone he is waiting for.[16] After getting the first five Essences of Nature, Link must visit and speak to him once more to receive the Round Jewel.

The second is the Golden Sage living in a cave on the bottom of the river just below the Gnarled Root Dungeon, only accessible in Summer. At first, he will simply instruct Link to find and slay all four Golden Monsters; once Link has done so, he will reward him with the Red Ring.

The last one can be found in a hidden underground cavern behind the Clock Shop after beating a non-Linked game. This Old Man asks for a Secret, and if this secret is retrieved from a linked Oracle of Ages game and given to him, he will upgrade Link's Noble Sword to the Master Sword (or his Wooden Sword to the Noble Sword, if applicable).

In a linked version of the game, another Old Man can be found inside the Hero's Cave.

Oracle of Ages

Only one Old Man cave is present in Oracle of Ages and is found in Rolling Ridge Base. In the past it is inhabited by a generous Old Man, who would give Link 200 Rupees. On the opposite, the Old Man inhabiting it in the present would charge him 50 Rupees to repair the door.

Four Swords Adventures

There are multiple Old Men in Four Swords Adventures.

One Old Man appears in the Village of the Blue Maiden.

Another Old Man appears in Kakariko Village. He has lost the wife with whom he has been married for 56 years,[17] and now he feels lonely.[18] His wife wrote a Letter recommending him to get a cute Cucco as a pet.[17] If the Links give him a Cucco, the Old Timer rewards them with a Key,[19] allowing the young heroes to access a room in his house where they can find the Power Bracelet, and tells them to take as many Force Gems as they would like.[19]

Breath of the Wild

Main article: King Rhoam
Link meeting the Old Man from Breath of the Wild

In Breath of the Wild, an Old Man lives on the Great Plateau. Though he can be found throughout the Plateau, he resides in the Old Man's Cabin on its southeastern side. The Old Man is a persona taken on by King Rhoam, the former king of Hyrule, in order to avoid overwhelming Link after his Slumber of Restoration.[20]

In The Old Man's Diary, he claimed that the only thing on the Great Plateau that brought him pleasure was Cooking.[21] He created the Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry, which allowed him to traverse the Freezing Climate of Mount Hylia without getting cold.[22] Now that he had such a Food, he believed he would no longer need his Warm Doublet, which he considered to be itchy.[23]

Unfortunately, the Old Man forgot the recipe for Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry, only remembering that it required Raw Meat and a Spicy Pepper.[24] He lamented that he only had himself to rely on while living on the Great Plateau.[25] Should someone be able to remind him of the missing Ingredient, he promised to give them his Warm Doublet in return.[26]

After Link exits the Shrine of Resurrection, the Old Man will be in a small alcove nearby. He sits by a Campfire, which is surrounded by a Torch and Baked Apples. When Link approaches him, the Old Man greets him, commenting that it is strange to see someone else on the Great Plateau.[27] If Link asks who he is, the Old Man claims to be a hermit who lives by himself on the Plateau, and he wonders what could bring someone so young to such a place.[28] Link can then ask where they are, and the Old Man reveals that they are on the Great Plateau, which is rumored to be the birthplace of Hyrule.[29] He then points out the ruined Temple of Time, which he compares to a ghost of its former self.[30] The Old Man claims he will be at his Campfire for some time, and he tells Link to let him know if he needs help.[31]

If Link interacts with the Old Man and tries to leave, he will insist that Link take a moment to talk with him.[32] If Link insists on leaving, the Old Man will let him go.[33] He will also comment on Link's silence.[34] Should Link end their conversation, the Old Man asks if there is somewhere he needs to be.[35]

When Link speaks to the Old Man again, he can ask what he is doing. The Old Man reveals that he is relaxing by his Campfire, though he plans on Cooking another Baked Apple.[36] Though they can be eaten raw, he explains to Link that Cooking them makes them more nutritious.[37] If Link takes one of the Old Man's Baked Apples, he will initially be angry at him for picking it up without permission.[38] However, the Old Man reveals this to be a joke and allows Link to have it.[39]

When Link picks up the Torch nearby, the Old Man asks what he intends to use it for.[40] If Link replies that he plans to use it as a Weapon, the Old Man will advise him to take the Woodcutter's Axe in the nearby Tree Stump instead.[41] If Link tells him he plans to use it to light Fires, the Old Man will be concerned, but he tells Link to be careful.[42] Finally, if Link refuses to tell him, the Old Man decides not to pry.[43] After the latter two choices, the Old Man claims that the Torch could be used as a Weapon against Monsters.[44] However, he warns Link not to swing it randomly, and he should focus on targeting his Enemies.[45]

The Old Man using the Paraglider

After Link descends from the top of the Great Plateau Tower, the Old Man glides to him with the Paraglider. He informs Link that that Sheikah Towers have simultaneously risen across Hyrule, and he asks if anything happened while Link was on top of the Tower.[46] If Link claims to have heard a voice, the Old Man wonders if he recognized it.[47] If Link admits that he did not, the Old Man will be disappointed.[48] He then points out Calamity Ganon, which is circling Hyrule Castle.[49] He recounts that one century prior, it brought ruin to Hyrule before eventually being sealed within the Castle.[50]

According to the Old Man, Calamity Ganon will soon regain its strength and break free from its seal, and he asks Link if he plans to go to the Castle.[51] If Link confirms that he does, the Old Man informs him that there is no way down from the Great Plateau, since it is surrounded by cliffs on all sides.[52] However, the Old Man's Paraglider would allow one to leave the Plateau without falling.[53] When Link shows interest in the Paraglider, the Old Man offers to give it to him, but only if Link can offer something else in return.[54][55] He then suggests that Link retrieve a treasure that can be found nearby.[56] After this, "The Isolated Plateau" Main Quest will begin.

The Old Man tells Link to follow him as he walks towards the edge of the hill.[57] He points out Oman Au Shrine, which began glowing once the Sheikah Towers emerged.[58] The Old Man reasons that there must be a treasure inside the Ancient Shrine, and if Link brings it to him, he promises to give him the Paraglider in return.[59] If Link speaks to the Old Man again, he tells him to retrieve any treasure he can find in the Ancient Shrine.[60]

After Link completes his first Ancient Shrine, the Old Man glides towards him with the Paraglider once again. He congratulates Link for obtaining a Spirit Orb.[61] If Link asks how he knew, the Old Man attributes it to clairvoyance.[62] He goes on to explain that as one gets older, it becomes more difficult to see what is right in front of them, but they may be able to see things that were once hidden from view.[63]

The Old Man then claims that the Sheikah Towers and Ancient Shrines activating is a result of the Sheikah Slate.[64] If Link asks what he means, the Old Man states that the Sheikah used their Ancient Technology to save Hyrule, but it disappeared a long time ago.[65] He is intrigued that the Sheikah Slate was hidden away for so long.[66]

The Old Man reveals that Ancient Shrines can be found all throughout Hyrule, and if Link brings him the Spirit Orbs from the four on the Great Plateau, he will give him his Paraglider.[67] If Link argues this was not their original deal, the Old Man claims that he changed his mind.[68] If Link clarifies that he needs more Spirit Orbs, the Old Man recalls that he never said he needed only one treasure.[69]

To help Link, the Old Man tells him to scout for Ancient Shrines from a high point, suggesting that he return to the top of the Great Plateau Tower.[70] If Link asks if he is joking, the Old Man confirms that he is not, but he also has another trick to help him.[71] He reveals that if Link opens the Map on his Sheikah Slate, he will be able to Warp to any Travel Gate he has already activated.[72] However, he claims he heard this a long time ago, and he does not know if this actually works.[73]

If Link speaks to the Old Man again, he tells him to search for Ancient Shrines from the top of the Great Plateau Tower.[74] Should Link comment on how much the Old Man knows, he explains that his knowledge comes from his age.[75]

When Link returns to the top of the Great Plateau Tower, the Old Man will already be there. He is surprised that Link took so long to reach the Tower.[76] Though Link is confused how he made it up there so quickly, the Old Man refuses to share his secrets.[77] He repeats that he wanted Link to search for Ancient Shrines from the top of the Tower,[78] revealing that Link can use the Scope of his Sheikah Slate to stick Pins to the Map.[79] He then explains that Pins can serve as reference points while traveling.[79] If Link asks how he knows this, the Old Man gives a cryptic answer about instinct, but he still encourages Link to try.[80]

The second time Link speaks to the Old Man on the Great Plateau Tower, he asks if he is having a difficult time locating Ancient Shrines.[81] If Link requests help, the Old Man suggests checking the System menu if he needs to review his abilities.[82] He also repeats that Link can use the Scope [83]

After this, the Old Man can be encountered at several locations throughout the Great Plateau. One of these places is the alcove near the Shrine of Resurrection. If Link speaks to him, the Old Man asks how his search for Ancient Shrines is going.[84] When asked what he is doing, he explains that he decides to sit by the Campfire because he felt cold.[85] He also informs Link that he can sit by a Campfire to pass the time.[86] Noticing that he was rambling, the Old Man says to ignore him, inviting Link to relax at the Campfire.[87]

Another place the Old Man can be found is the Old Man's Cabin, where he chops down Trees using a Woodcutter's Axe. When Link approaches him, the Old Man will be pleased to see him again.[88] If Link inquires about what he is doing, he explains that he is gathering Wood to make a Fire.[89] He then reveals that in order to make a Tree fall in a certain direction, Link should turn his hips so that they are facing where he wants it to land.[90] Should Link have a Woodcutter's Axe, the Old Man asks him to try cutting down Trees, since he is getting tired.[91] If Link asks what he is doing a second time, the Old Man repeats that he is getting tired.[92] If Link does so, the Old Man will be grateful and allow him to take the Wood for himself.[93]

Afterwards, the Old Man will walk over to the Cooking Pot in front of his Cabin and sit down. When Link speaks to him, he remarks that he does not find many things as delightful as a Campfire.[94] If Link asks what he is doing, the Old Man explains that at his age, it takes time to recover from working.[95] He tells Link that he can use the Cooking Pot to Cook Food for himself.[96][97][98] Should Link ask the Old Man for Cooking tips, he tells him to toss Ingredients into the Cooking Pot from his Inventory.[99] He suggests putting thought into how Ingredients work together, sharing that there are meals that are capable of increasing one's Stamina.[100]

If Link has read The Old Man's Diary, the Old Man will reveal at the end of their conversation that he knows.[101] He confirms that if Link is able to complete the recipe for Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry, he will give him his Warm Doublet in return.[102] To find Raw Meat, he suggests hunting in the Forest of Spirits.[103]

When Link Cooks a meal, he has the option to show it to the Old Man.[104] If Link does so, the Old Man will comment on the quality of his Food.[105] If Link makes Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry, the Old Man will be shocked and ask what recipe he used.[106] After hearing the recipe, the Old Man is shocked that he forgot it included a Hyrule Bass.[107] He will then give Link his Warm Doublet.[108] He explains that Link can use it to traverse Freezing Climates, but he does not believe he will need it now that he has the recipe.[109]

After Link gives him the Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry, the Old Man writes about the event in his Diary.[110] He also copies down the recipe so that he does not forget it.[111] Next, he recounts that eating it allows him to walk around Mount Hylia without freezing, but he admits that he forgot that there was a time limit to it.[112] Due to this, he regrets giving away the Warm Doublet, which is able to keep someone warm indefinitely.[113]

At midnight, the Old Man will retire to his Cabin. If Link asks what he is doing, the Old Man explains that he is tired and will be going to sleep in his Bed.[114] He welcomes Link to use his Bed whenever he is not asleep in it.[115] While he is sleeping, Link can wake the Old Man up, which annoys him.[116] If Link asks what he is doing, he responds that he was resting, and he tells Link to talk to him in the morning.[117]

The Old Man also has a small campsite in the Forest of Spirits, where he attempts to hunt Woodland Boars. If talked to, he will be pleased to see Link again.[118] When asked what he is doing, the Old Man states that he is hunting, and he tells Link to crouch down so he does not scare away his targets.[119] Should Link speaks to the Old Man again, he claims that hunting requires a lot of focus, since it keeps one's mind off of how much their back hurts.[120] If Link ask if he has any tips, the Old Man suggests that Link crouch so that his prey does not notice him, at which point he should shoot it with an Arrow.[121] With proper aim, the Old Man states that Link should be able to take it down with a single shot.[122] Noticing how tired he is, the Old Man decides to take a break at his campsite.[123] He allows Link to use this Cooking Pot as well, but Link must light the Campfire himself.[124]

The final location where Link can encounter the Old Man is on the southern peak of Mount Hylia, where he stands next to the King's Tomb. When Link approaches him, he remarks that he enjoys watching Hyrule from here.[125] After Link's response, the Old Man says that their current placement gives them the best view of the Great Plateau.[126] He then repeats his lesson on the Scope for Link.[79][127] When Link asks how he knows this, the Old Man claims it was something he learned after living in the wild for so long.[128]

If Link has not yet obtained the Warm Doublet, the Old Man congratulates him and gives him the Warm Doublet as a reward.[129] He encourages Link to try it on, stating that it looks good when worn.[130]

After Link completes all four Ancient Shrines on the Great Plateau, the Old Man will glide towards him with the Paraglider one final time. He decides that it is now time for him to tell Link the truth.[131] He tells Link to imagine an "X" with the four Ancient Shrines are end points, and he directs him to go to the spot that would be where the lines intersect where he will be waiting. [132] He then asks Link if he understands, repeating his words as he begins to disappear.[133] Once Link exchanges his Spirit Orbs at the Goddess Statue in the Temple of Time, the Old Man will call down to him from the roof. He notices that Link has become more resilient due to Hylia's blessing.[134] He then beckons for Link to join him on the roof.[135]

When Link finally reaches the Old Man, he laughs and congratulates him for doing so well and admits that it is time to show Link his true identity.[136] The Old Man then reveals that his true identity: King Rhoam, the last ruler of Hyrule.[137]

Other Appearances

BS The Legend of Zelda

In BS The Legend of Zelda, various Old Men reprise their roles from The Legend of Zelda. The Player character automatically visits the Sword-Giving Old Man at the beginning of each week of gameplay, first to obtain the Wooden Sword, then to recall their progress in the subsequent weeks. At predetermined times throughout the adventure, an Old Man communicates telepathically with the Player, giving them valuable information and casting spells to aid them.
With fifteen minutes remaining in the final week, the Sword-Giving Old Man is attacked by Ganon in his cave. The Player finds him face-down and injured, with a newly-created tunnel in the rear of the cave, leading to a room where Ganon can be battled if all eight Triforce pieces have been recovered. The Old Man recovers after Ganon is defeated.

The Shadow Prince

The Old Man in the A Link to the Past comic

In The Shadow Prince, Link can encounter mysterious Old Man if he chooses to take the Town of Ruto detour instead of going through the Midoro Swamp as he tries to reach the Water Town of Saria. Just as he is about to arrive to Ruto, he bumps into an Old Man, who gives the young hero a key.[138] The old man goes on to say that he shouldn't go through Ruto on his way to Saria since there is a traffic jam, and the old man disappears before Link can ask any questions.[139]

A Link to the Past (Ishinomori)

In the A Link to the Past comic by Shotaro Ishinomori, an Old Man lives in the Sanctuary, replacing the Loyal Sage from the game; however, he has a short role in the comic and only appears in the first chapter. Princess Zelda, after being rescued, suggests to Link that they go to the Sanctuary and see the old man living there so that he may help them with their next move.[140] Upon reaching the Sanctuary, the Old Man explains the consequences of Agahnim's plan: if Agahnim succeeds in opening the way to the Dark World and breaking Ganon's seal, the King of Thieves would gather his army against Hyrule.[141] He then warns Link that he should not underestimate Agahnim if he is going to fight against him, since he can sense that an evil force is guiding the wizard's actions.[142] The Old Man is last seen in the comic after Princess Zelda is kidnapped by Agahnim in the Sanctuary. He tells Link to not worry about him and find the Master Sword since he is the only one who can defeat the evil wizard.[143]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Old Man from Breath of the Wild can occasionally be seen Paragliding in the background of the Great Plateau Tower Stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He can also be seen landing atop the Tower to watch the Fighters brawling.

Other Similar Old Men


  • In The Legend of Zelda, Link was originally going to have a choice between taking the Wooden Sword or the Boomerang from the Old Man.[144]


Names in Other Regions
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Old Man (BotW)
  • おじいさん (Ojīsan) (TLoZ)[153]
  • 魔法使い (TAoL)[154]
  • 老人 (BotW)
  • Same as English.
  • Wizard
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
老人 (Lǎorén) (BotW) 
The People's Republic of China
  • 老人 (lǎo rén) (TLoZ)[149]
  • 老爷爷 (lǎo yé yé) (TAoL)[150]
  • 老人 (Lǎorén) (BotW)
  • Same as English.
  • Same as English.
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Oude man (BotW) 
Vieil homme (BotW) 
The French Republic
Vieil homme (TLoZ | BotW)[148]Same as English.
The Federal Republic of Germany
Alter Mann (TLoZ | TAoL | BotW)[151][152]Same as English.
The Italian Republic
  • Same as English.
Latin America
Anciano (BotW) 
The Kingdom of Spain
Anciano (TLoZ | BotW)[155] 
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