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Graceful Gorons are characters in Oracle of Ages.[4]


Graceful Gorons are professional dancers in Labrynna who exist in both the Past and the Present. The first generation Goron has red skin while the fifth generation has blue skin. They refer to themselves as "Graceful Dancers" and they both hold the Goron Dance Mini-Game in a cave at Rolling Ridge.[1][2]

Link must dance to win the Brother Emblem from the Graceful Goron in either the Present or the Past to gain access to the rest of Rolling Ridge, and later on the Mermaid Key from the Graceful Goron in the Past once he shows him the Letter of Introduction.[5][6]


Names in Other Regions
The People's Republic of China
魅力鼓隆 (Mèi lì gǔ lóng)[8] 
The Italian Republic
Goron Leggiadro[7]Same as English.
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