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Rolling Ridge is a location in Oracle of Ages.[1] it is a large mountain range inhabited by Gorons located in the north-eastern part of Labrynna. There is a network of tunnels extending throughout the entire area, where the Gorons reside. The Switch Hook, which is found in the Skull Dungeon, is needed to cross the gap that leads to Rolling Ridge. Like most mountainous areas in The Legend of Zelda , Rolling Ridge is inhabited by Tektites.

Features and Overview

Rolling Ridge is the only area in the game that holds two Essences of Time, found in the Crown Dungeon and the Mermaid's Cave. The latter is the only dungeon of the game that exists in both the present and the past (as such, two separate keys are needed to open both entrances). Rolling Ridge is known for its abundant mini-games, which have recently become popular with its inhabitants, the Gorons.[2]

Rolling Ridge as seen in the past

When Link first arrives at Rolling Ridge, he will be unable to access the base and eastern peak of the mountain range, where the Mermaid's Cave and all the mini-games are found. When Link climbs to the top of the ridge, he finds the mountains overrun with Moblins. Their leader, the Great Moblin has built his keep on the ridge, preventing the Gorons from growing their famous Bomb Flowers.[3] After infiltrating the keep and defeating the Great Moblin, the keep will be destroyed, allowing the Gorons to once again grow Bomb Flowers.[4] The Gorons will grant Link one of his own, as thanks for his help.[5]

The young hero then travels to the past in search of the Crown Key, which opens the entrance to the Crown Dungeon. Inside the catacombs of the mountain range, Link finds the Gorons in a state of panic: their leader, the Goron Elder, is trapped under a pile of boulders in the Goron Tunnel and they are unable to break him free.[6] By giving the Gorons his Bomb Flower, Link is able to free the Goron Elder,[7] who then admits he was in no danger at all.[8] As thanks for bringing him the Bomb Flower, the Goron Elder gives Link the Crown Key, which he found near the northern peak of Rolling Ridge.[9] With the key, Link is finally able to enter the Crown Dungeon and obtain the Sacred Soil, the fifth Essence of Time.

After Link completes the Crown Dungeon, the Gorons will complete a tunnel leading the eastern area of Rolling Ridge, where many Gorons have set up new game shops in both the past and the present.[10][11] Link must partake in this new fad, as each the completion of each game is somehow related to the obtention of the two Mermaid Keys. Link will now also be able to access the base of Rolling Ridge, where he will learn of the Goron Dance. The Goron Dance has also recently become popular with the Gorons in the area. Completing the Goron Dance is also required in the present and the past to obtain the Old Mermaid Key and Mermaid Key, respectively. These keys are used to open the doors to the Mermaid's Cave, which exists in both the present and the past and is found at the base of Rolling Ridge.

A Mystical Tree can be found on both the western peak and the eastern peak of the mountains in the past, providing easy warp access to both sections of Rolling Ridge. In a Linked Game, a Subrosian with the Smith Secret appears next to the eastern Mystery Tree. Another Subrosian and a Goron also appear in caves in the present with the Subrosian Secret and Biggoron Secret, respectively. These three characters only appear after the completion of Crown Dungeon.





After the completion of the Crown Dungeon, games become all the rage among the Gorons of Rolling Ridge. There are four Mini-Games in total on Rolling Ridge in the past and the present. Each game has a key prize that is needed to go further in the game.

Goron Shooting Gallery

The Goron Shooting Gallery is the only mini-game on Rolling Ridge found in the past. Just like the shooting gallery in Lynna City, the object of the game is for Link to swing his sword at an incoming ball in the hopes of hitting a target with it and accumulating points. If Link scores 100 points or more, he will receive the Lava Juice, the first item received in the quest for the Mermaid Key. Also, if Link scores 400 or more points, he will win the Boomerang.

The Goron Shooting Gallery is found at the same location that the Target Carts mini-game is found in the present.

Target Carts

Main article: Target Carts

The Target Carts mini-game is found on the eastern peak of Rolling Ridge, where most of the mini-games are located. The object of the game is to hit Rupee-like targets with the Seed Shooter while being pulled along a track in a Mine Cart. If Link hits all twelve targets, he will receive the Rock Brisket, the first item received in the quest for the Old Mermaid Key. Link can also win the Boomerang by completing the game.

It is worth noting that the prizes won at the Target Carts game parallel those won from the Goron Shooting Gallery. Also, both mini-games are found at the exact same location, one in the present, the other in the past. In fact, the proprietor of the Goron Shooting Gallery is the grandfather of the current proprietor of Target Carts.[12]

Once Veran is defeated, Dr. Troy will appear at the Target Carts game, with the intention of studying Gorons and their games.[13]

Goron Dance

Main article: Goron Dance

Popular among the eastern Gorons, the Goron Dance is likely the most important mini-game of all. The dance is an important identifier of rank and social status within the Goron community.[14] Individuals who are skilled at the dance are held in the highest respect, such as the Graceful Goron, master of the dance. The Goron Dance Hall is found near the base of Rolling Ridge. Link must complete a dance with the first and fifth generation Graceful Gorons in the past and present, in order to obtain the Mermaid Key and the Brother Emblem, respectively. Obtaining the Brother Emblem will allow Link to access an area of Rolling Ridge that will allow him to complete his quest for the Old Mermaid Key.

Big Bang Game

Main article: Big Bang Game

The Big Bang Game is found within the catacombs of eastern Rolling Ridge. To play the game, Link must first provide the exhausted owner with Goronade.[15] The object of the game is to simply avoid getting hit by incoming bombs for an allotted time while on a shifting floor. If Link successfully completes the game, he will receive the Old Mermaid Key.


  • If Link goes to Rolling Ridge before obtaining the Burning Flame, the cave leading up the mountain is blocked by a rock slide in the present.[16]
  • Due to the events leading up to the obtention of the Crown Key, Link is held responsible for introducing the Bomb Flower to Rolling Ridge.[17][18]


Names in Other Regions
ゴロゴロ山 (Goro-Goro San)Goro-Goro Mountain
Goro-Goro is an onomatopoeia for something heavy rolling.
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Monti Rotolanti[19]Rolling Mountains
The Kingdom of Spain
Cordillera Ondulada 
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Other Names

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