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Mt. Cucco is a mountain range situated in northeastern Holodrum in Oracle of Seasons.[1] It is the location of the fourth Dungeon of the game, the Dancing Dragon Dungeon.

Features and Overview

Mt. Cucco is the easternmost of the mountain ranges of northern Holodrum, adjacent to Goron Mountain. It can either be accessed from Goron Mountain or from a secret underwater passage in Sunken City. Unlike most of the mountain ranges of Holodrum, Mt. Cucco features a warm summer climate due to the disharmony of the four seasons caused by the sinking of the Temple of Seasons. This causes large snow-melts on the mountain which gush down in waterfalls and rivers across Holodrum all the way to Spool Swamp, while also flooding the Sunken City at the foot of the mountain.[2] Mt. Cucco is the source of most of the fresh water in Holodrum.

A Portal on the mountain opens a way to Subrosia, where Link must obtain the Power of Spring for his Rod of Seasons from the Temple of Seasons. This is pivotal in the navigation of the mountain, as it features many Rock Flowers which bloom only in Spring. Blast Blooms also bloom in spring and provide access to higher areas of the mountain, where entrance to the Dancing Dragon Dungeon is hidden behind a waterfall. By jumping off the cliff close to the nearby Tree Stump, Link ends up atop a smaller cliff where he can find a Piece of Heart. Also in the higher areas of Mt. Cucco is Talon's Cave, where Link finds Talon sleeping. He can be woken with the Megaphone from the Trading Game. Talon, before leaving, takes the Megaphone and gives Link a Mushroom, the next item in the Trading Game. A Treasure Chest containing a Magic Ring is also found in the cave.

The lower areas of the mountain are inhabited by Tektites, whereas the higher levels are inhabited by more dangerous monsters: Like Likes and Moblins. In the lower area, Link can find two Deku Scrubs who will give Link advice on how to reach the Dancing Dragon Dungeon.[3][4] After Link meets Moosh in the upper area, another Deku Scrub will appear selling a Shield for 50 Rupees.[5]

Mt. Cucco is likely named after the two friendly Flying Cuccos found there who will help Link on his adventure. The first flies Link to a tree atop a high cliff where the Spring Banana Tree will produce a Spring Banana during the Spring. Link can give the bananas to Moosh, whom he will meet on the mountain.[6] With the help of Moosh and his flying abilities, Link can obtain the Dragon Key surrounded by pitfalls located nearby on Goron Mountain. By climbing to the top of the westernmost peak of Mt. Cucco (reached via a cave accessible only in Winter), Link can use a second Flying Cucco to reach the peak above the waterfall. Here, he can insert the Dragon Key into the Dragon Key Keyhole to stop the flow of the waterfall, revealing the entrance to the Dancing Dragon Dungeon dug into the cliff.


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Monte Coccò[7]Mountain Cucco
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Other Names

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