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Seasons are a recurring element in The Legend of Zelda series.[1] Though most games seem to feature either spring or summer, Seasons play a major part in Oracle of Seasons and a significantly more minor role in Twilight Princess.


Oracle of Seasons

All four Seasons in Oracle of Seasons

All four Seasons play a critical role for Link in Oracle of Seasons. As Link arrives in Holodrum, Din, the Oracle of Seasons, becomes kidnapped by General Onox. This throws the Seasons into chaos,[2][3] and casts the Temple of Seasons down into Subrosia.[4] In Subrosia, Link is guided to the Rod of Seasons by the Season Spirits.[5] The Rod of Seasons can be used to control the Seasons after being empowered by each of the four Season Spirits in the four towers positioned at each corner of the Temple of Seasons. The first Season that Link obtains is Winter, granted by the Spirit of Winter.[6]

In Winter, some trees lose their leaves and become thinner, allowing Link to pass under them.[7] Some ponds, lakes, and rivers freeze over, allowing Link to walk over them and Snowdrifts may pile up in some places. They can act as a bridge between two places, or as a barrier, preventing Link from continuing.

In Summer, some ponds, lakes, and rivers dry up, allowing Link to explore the riverbed.[8] Additionally, vines grow in vertical crevices in walls, allowing Link to climb them to access higher places.

In Spring, some ponds, lakes, and rivers flood from melting ice, raising the water level and covering brambles and other barriers, allowing some waterways to be navigable without the Flippers.[9] Flowers that were rock hard during the other seasons bloom, and regular flowers can now be chopped down. Also in some places, Blast Blooms flourish, which can be used to rocket Link into the air, granting him access to high ledges.

In Autumn, Rock Mushrooms that were rock-hard during the other Seasons are now ripe for picking when equipped with the Power Bracelet.[10] Leaves fall and cover holes in the ground, which Link can walk over. However, if he stands on a hole for too long, he will fall through.

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, seasonal changes only affect Hena's Fishing Hole. Each time Link enters the Fishing Hole, the Seasons will advance, starting from Spring. The Seasons affect which types of Fish are available, as the Hylian Loach can only be found during the summertime.


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