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The Rod of Seasons is an item in Oracle of Seasons.[1] It is a magical tool that can be used to change the current Seasons.

Location and Uses

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Rod of Seasons
You must get all the powers of the seasons to call up any season you wish. Stand on a tree stump and swing the rod to change the seasons.

The Rod of Seasons is kept within the Temple of Seasons. After an unfortunate series of events, the Season Spirits entrust the Rod to Link. Four magical gems are encrusted into the Rod, each representing one of the four Seasons.

If the holder of the Rod of Seasons stands on a Tree Stump, swinging it will cause the Seasons to change in order. To be able to change each Season, however, the appropriate Season Spirit must be visited to obtain its Season power.

The power of Winter is the first Season power obtained, followed by Summer. The power of Spring and Autumn can be obtained in either order. However, Spring is required to access the fourth dungeon, and Autumn the fifth dungeon, suggesting that this is the intended order.

Because Link swings the Rod of Seasons like a sword, it can be used to push enemies and block certain projectiles, like rocks from Octoroks. It can only directly damage undead foes, including Stalfos, Gibdos, Ghini, and the Poe Sisters.


Names in Other Regions
四季のロッド (Shiki no roddo)[3] 
The Italian Republic
Scettro delle Stagioni[2]Staff of Seasons
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