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The Rented Fire Rod is an Item in A Link Between Worlds.[1]

Location and Uses

The Rented Fire Rod is used by Link to create pillars of flame, which can damage Enemies and melt frozen blocks of ice in the Ice Ruins. It is rentable from Ravio's Shop for 100 Rupees.

Being a rented Item, the Rented Fire Rod will be returned to Ravio by Sheerow if Link falls in battle. It may be permanently obtained as the Fire Rod for 1200 Rupees, and further upgraded into the Nice Fire Rod by Mother Maiamai.


Names in Other Regions
借りたファイアロッド (Karita Faia Roddo)[3]Borrowed Fire Rod
Baguette de feu louée[8] 
The French Republic
Baguette de feu de location[5] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Bacchetta del fuoco a noleggio[2]Rented fire wand
The Republic of Korea
빌린 파이어 로드 (Billin Paieo Rodeu)[6] 
Latin America
Cetro de Fuego alquilado[7] 
The Kingdom of Spain
Cetro de Fuego alquilado 
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