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Not to be confused with the Fishing Rod, a recurring Item.

Rods are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name references needed]

Location and Uses

The Legend of Zelda

Main article: Magical Rod

A Link to the Past

Main articles: Fire Rod and Ice Rod

A Link to the Past features two varieties of Rod: the Fire Rod, obtained from the Skull Woods, shoots fireballs, and the Ice Rod, which fires balls of Ice that freeze Enemies.

Link's Awakening

Main article: Magic Rod

Oracle of Seasons

Main article: Rod of Seasons

Oracle of Seasons allows Link to use the Rod of Seasons to change the current season.

Four Swords Adventures

Main article: Fire Rod

Twilight Princess

Main article: Dominion Rod

The Temple of Time contains the Dominion Rod, which can be used to animate specific Statues.

Spirit Tracks

Main article: Sand Wand

A Link Between Worlds

Main articles: Fire Rod, Ice Rod, Sand Rod and Tornado Rod

Tri Force Heroes

Main article: Water Rod

Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild features six varieties of elemental Rods, all of which are wielded by different varieties of Wizzrobe. The lower tier of Rods is composed of Fire Rods, Ice Rods, and Lightning Rods. Fire Rods shoot a single ball of Fire, Ice Rods release clouds of cold air that freeze Enemies, and Lightning Rods fire balls of Electricity. The higher tier is made up of Meteor Rods, Blizzard Rods, and Thunderstorm Rods. The Meteor and Thunderstorm Rods shoot three balls instead of one, and the Blizzard Rod releases three cold air clouds.

Fire and Meteor Rods were crafted by an ancient magician,[2][3] the Ice and Blizzard Rods are crafted from refined ice from Hebra Mountains and Hebra Peak respectively,[4][5] and the Lightning and Thunderstorm Rods bear Gems charged with Electricity from Hyrule Ridge.[6][7]

Tears of the Kingdom

Main article: Magic Rod

Magic Rods are sold by Bargainer Statues in exchange for Poes. They bear more powerful effects when Fused with Gems. They were used by an ancient magician who used his skills to draw out the latent strength within Gems.[8] Opal Magic Rods fire globules of Water, Ruby Rods launch balls of Fire, Sapphire Rods release clouds of cold air, and Topaz Rods shoot orbs of Electricity.

Other Appearances

Cadence of Hyrule

Main articles: Fire Rod and Ice Rod

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Main articles: Fire Rod, Ice Rod and Lightning Rod

Rods are Items that can be wielded by all Warriors in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, as well as by Wizzrobes. Located on the left bumper wheel with Apples, they are limited charge attack items that inflict conditions on Enemies, giving the Weak Point Gauges of Elemental Enemy of the opposite element a cracked effect and making them drain faster. The Fire Rod lights Enemies and Bomb Barrels on Fire, and cracks the Gauges of Ice Enemies. The Ice Rod freezes Enemies in place and affects the Weak Point Gauges of Fire Enemies. The Lightning Rod electrocutes Enemies and cracks Gauge of Enemies exposed to Water, Rain, or Elemental Enemy related to Water, such as Waterblight Ganon.

Rods are obtained when their respective Wizzrobe is first slain. The Fire Rod is first obtained when the Warriors slay their first Fire Wizzrobe in the "The Battle of Hyrule Field" Scenario, and the other two are obtained from Ice and Electric Wizzrobes respectively.

They each need their own type of elemental energy as fuel for their attacks, and the amount of charges they have carries over into future battles. While they innately have three charges, completing the "The Research of Rods" and "It Takes Two" Side Quests both reward the Warriors with one additional charge to all Rods. The energy needed to power individual Rods can be found by either slaying Elemental Enemy of the associated element or by smashing open Iron or Wooden Boxes.


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