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Magic Jars,(OoT | MM | TWW | HW)[1][2] also known as Magical Decanters,(ALttP)[1] are a recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series. They are used to replenish the Magic Meter, which is consumed while using certain magic items, attacks, and abilities. Magic Jars have a similar effect as Green Potions, but generally do not replenish as much Magic, are not sold in Shops, and are consumed on the spot instead of stored in Bottles. They are most commonly found by breaking Pots, cutting grass, or killing enemies.[3]

Location and Uses

Magic Jars in The Adventure of Link appear in two colors. Blue Magic Jars which are often dropped by defeated enemies and recover a small portion of Magic Power,[4] and Red Magic Jars which are usually hidden in certain areas of the overworld, or dropped from Dungeon statues when hit with the Sword. They recover all the Magic Power.

Green Magic Jars appear in A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and The Wind Waker, appearing in two sizes. Small Jars refill a small portion of the Magic Meter, while big Jars refill the entire Magic Meter.[5] They are known as Magical Decanters in A Link to the Past.

In The Wind Waker, big Magic Jars only refill a portion of the Magic Bar.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, big and small Magic Jars can be found by cutting grass, dropped by random enemies, or found in green Pots inside Keeps. Collecting these will fill up the character's Magic Gauge used to activate the Focus Spirit to unleash a buff on the characters for stronger attacks. Small Magic Jars fill 20% of the Magic Gauge and large Magic Jars will completely fill the Magic Gauge.


  • In The Wind Waker, two jars similar to the Magic Jars can be found on the table in Link's House.


Names in Other Regions
  • マジックのつぼ (Majikku no Tsubo) (TAoL)[10]
  • 魔法の壺 (Mahō no Tsubo) (ALttP)[9]
  • 魔法のツボ (Mahō no Tsubo) (ALttP | OoT)[11][12]
  • Same as English.
  • Same as English.
  • Same as English.
The People's Republic of China
魔法坛 (Mófǎ tán) (OoT)[14] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Magiekrug (HWDE)[13]Same as English.
The Italian Republic
  • Giara Magica (Rossa) (TAoL)[8]
  • Giara Magica (Blu) (TAoL)[8]
  • Giara Magica (ALttP | OoT | MM | TWW)[8]
  • Giara magica (OoT3D | MM3D)[6][7]
  • Magic Jar (Red)
  • Magic Jar (Blue)
  • Magic Jar
  • Magic jar
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