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Lures are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.[name references needed] They can be set to Fishing Rods while Lure Fishing. Although all fishing rods come with their standard Lure, Link can set a variety of lures to attract a variety of Fish more easily.

Location and Uses

Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch

List of Lures

Lightweight Lure
Main article: Lightweight Lure

Middleweight Lure
Main article: Middleweight Lure

Heavyweight Lure
Main article: Heavyweight Lure

Ocarina of Time

Main article: Sinking Lure

The Sinking Lure is illegal to use while Fishing.

Majora's Mask 3D

Main article: Sinking Lure

Unlike all its other appearances, the Sinking Lure is allowed for normal use by the Fishing Hole Man and the Swamp Fishing Hole Man.[1]

Twilight Princess

List of Lures

Swimmer Lure
Main article: Swimmer Lure

The Swimmer Lure is the default fishing apparatus used. This Lure bobs up and down to attract all types of Fish.[2] This Lure, however, cannot attract deep-water dwelling Fish, it seems to be modelled after a "Walking Lure".

Popper Lure
Main article: Popper Lure

The Popper Lure is a step up from the Swimmer Lure, having the ability to attract mainly deep-water dwelling Fish by using a highly aggravating popping sound at the surface of the water in order to scare more sensitive Fish away.[3]

Spinner Lure
Main article: Spinner Lure

The Spinner Lure is used to attract nervous fish by splashing the water making lots of noise.[4] It looks like a minnow, but has propellers on its front and back. These propellers make enough noise on the surface of the water, making shy Fish come up and take a bite. This Lure is the best lure to use when trying to catch the Hylian Pike, despite it's name, it's modelled after a "Propeller Lure".

Frog Lure
Main article: Frog Lure

The Frog Lure is a secret fishing lure that can only be unlocked by beating eight rounds of the first level of the Rollgoal game in Twilight Princess.[5] It can be seen hanging on the wall behind Hena in the fishing hut. It is in the shape of a frog which is good food for large fish. This is the only Lure that can catch the Hylian Loach legally, and it's also a good choice for catching the Hyrule Bass.[6] However, this lure is hard to control, and excellent skill with the controls is needed to get it to function properly.[7] Unlike other lures, once a fish goes for the Frog Lure, Link must let the Fish nibble on the Lure for a bit before trying to hook it; otherwise, the Fish will lose interest and escape.[7]

Sinking Lure
Main article: Sinking Lure

The Sinking Lure is illegal for use; Hena will scold Link and disqualify any Fish caught should she be in the canoe with him as he uses it.[citation needed]

Phantom Hourglass

Main article: Big Catch Lure

The Big Catch Lure is a Lure that the Old Wayfarer can give to Link if he proves himself to be dedicated to fishing by showing him the Loovar. With this Lure, Link can catch larger Fish and even the legendary Neptoona.


Names in Other Regions
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