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Red Potions,(OoT | MM | TWW | TMC | TP | PH | ST)[1] also known as Medicines of Life,(ALttP)[1] Life Medecines,(ALttP)[2] and Bottles of Red Potion,(MM)[3] is a recurring Potion in the The Legend of Zelda series used to replenish Link's Life Gauge. However, the amount of Hearts the Potion recovers varies from game to game.

Location and Uses

Inception and Early Usage

Prior to the Potions, the early games had introduced Water of Life. In The Legend of Zelda, the red Water of Life could purchased by various Old Women after receiving the Letter from an Old Man in a cave in northeast Hyrule, and then showing it to them. Once the Letter is delivered, the blue and red Water of Life will become available for Link to purchase, costing 40 and 68 Rupees, respectively. The red-colored Water of Life works like a blue Life Potion, except that it holds two doses. When used the first time, it turns into a normal Life Potion, which will disappear as normal when it is consumed as well.

The red Water of Life returns in The Adventure of Link, where Link finds it in a cave in the Moruge Swamp. However, instead of restoring Link's health, it is given to an Old Woman in the Mido Town, who has a sick daughter. In exchange, she invites Linkinside her house where an Old Man teaches him the Fairy spell.

Commonality and Prevalence

The Red Potion debuted in A Link to the Past, in which it similarly replenishes all of Link's Hearts, a property which it maintains in most subsequent games, including Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, The Wind Waker, and The Minish Cap. Like the Green and Blue Potions, Link needs an Empty Bottle to carry it in. In Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and A Link Between Worlds, the Red Potion recovers eight Hearts, while in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, it only recovers six. Also, in Skyward Sword, the Red Potion is known as the Heart Potion and can be upgraded to both the Heart Potion+ and the Heart Potion++, recovering all Hearts and, the latter, having two servings.

Dosage and Pricing

Image Game Recovered Amount Doses Price
A Link to the Past All Hearts 1 Varies
Ocarina of Time All Hearts 1 Varies
Majora's Mask All Hearts 1 Varies
File:TWW Red Potion Artwork.png
The Wind Waker All Hearts 1 Varies
The Minish Cap All Hearts 1 150
Twilight Princess 8 Hearts 1 Varies
Phantom Hourglass 6 Hearts 1 Varies
Spirit Tracks 6 Hearts 1 100
A Link Between Worlds 8 Hearts 1 50


Names in Other Regions
  • 赤いクスリ (Akai Kusuri) (ALttP | OoT)[13][14]
  • あかいくすり (Akai Kusuri) (ALttP)[15]
  • 赤い薬 (Akai Kusuri) (ALBW)[16]
  • Red Medicine
  • Red Medicine
  • Red Medicine
The People's Republic of China
红色药水 (Hóngsè yàoshuǐ) (OoT)[22] 
  • Potion rouge (ST)[26]
  • Potion rogue (ALBW)[25]
  • Red potion
The French Republic
  • Potion rouge (ST)[21]
  • Potion rogue (ALBW)[20]
  • Red potion
The Federal Republic of Germany
  • Red Elixir
The Italian Republic
  • Pozione Vita (ALttP | TWW | ST)[10][11][12]
  • Pozione della vita (ALttP)[7]
  • Pozione Rossa (OoT | MM)[4]
  • Pozione vita (OoT3D | ST)[5][6]
  • Pozione rossa (MM3D | ALBW)[8][9]
  • Health Potion
  • Potion of life
  • Red Potion
  • Health potion
  • Red potion
Latin America
Poción roja (ST | ALBW)[23][24]Red potion
The Kingdom of Spain
Poción roja (ST | ALBW)[27][28]Red potion
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