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For the ability in The Minish Cap, see Kinstone Fusion.

Fuse is an ability in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]


Fuse is an Ancient Power that allows Link to bond any Items and most Objects and Weapons with his equipped Weapon or Shield.[1] Items from the Inventory can also be attached to Arrows. Internally, the two parts of a fused weapon are distinguished as the "base" and the "attachment". Different attachments grant the base special Fuse Property, as well as other effects depending on what is used.

An Item that has been Fused with a Weapon or Shield can be removed in the Inventory to let the base equipment be Fused with something else, but doing so will destroy the Fused Item in the process. However, Pelison's Break-a-Part Shop in Tarrey Town can do so while preserving the Fused Item so it can be re-Fused with other equipment.


Using Fuse on melee Weapons has by far the most range of effects. Any Fused material will increase the attack power of the Weapon, and usually change its shape and thus its hitbox/reach. Base Weapons retain their Weapon Traits and Weapon Bonuses.

Fuse Properties

Main article: Fuse Property

Almost every Object or Item fused to a Weapon grants it a new ability, known as a Fuse Property.[2]


Using Fuse on a Weapon in effect increases its Durability.[3] The actual effect of this is that the base weapon gains access to a certain amount of "bonus" durability, which is 25 for most Weapons. Any strike that lands with the Fused Weapon depletes this bonus Durability, with the base Weapon's Durability not being depleted until either all bonus Durability is used up or the attachment is removed or broken. However, this bonus value is saved but not consumed when the attachment is removed or broken. Weapons attached to the end of another will use their own durability alongside the base Weapon's, and they will break if it is depleted. If the base Weapon is Fused again, it can utilize any remaining "bonus" Durability. Any attachment, regardless of its own Durability, will break when the base Weapon's Durability is depleted.

As an example, if a Fierce Deity Sword (base) is Fused with a Gloom Sword (attachment), the fusion will last for 15 hits without depleting any of the Fierce Deity Sword's base 35 Durability. This corresponds with the Gloom Sword's Durability. However, 15 of its 25 "bonus" Durability will be depleted. After the Gloom Sword breaks, the Fierce Deity Sword will use up its base Durability until another fusion is made, which allows the 10 remaining bonus Durability to be used.

While a Weapon's base Durability is used when it is an attachment, simply Fusing it restores its "bonus" Durability. This means Fusing a Weapon to the end of another and detaching it at Pelison's Break-a-Part Shop effectively gives it more Durability, as long as the Weapon itself now has something else attached to it. However, Fusing also removes any Weapon Bonus modifier the attachment may have had, though these can be regained at random with Rock Octoroks. Additionally, allowing a Rock Octorok to swallow a Weapon will completely restore the base and "bonus" Durability of both pieces. This can be used to repair Weapons that Rock Octoroks normally refuse to when they are a base, such as the Champions' arms or Weapons sold by Bargainer Statues.

The sparkle at the top-right of a Weapon's icon icon indicates that it still has full Durability. Thus, any use of the Weapon with or without the Fuse will make the spark disappear. The icon flashing red indicates that a Weapon has three or less Durability points. Possibly due to an oversight, the "bonus" 25 fusion durability of the Master Sword is never recharged alongside its base Durability, and because the Master Sword cannot be dropped or Fused with anything, it cannot be repaired with the above methods. This means the Master Sword will never again show the "sparkle" indicating full durability in Link's Inventory. The Decayed Master Sword also cannot have anything Fused to it in the first place,[4] though it technically has a bonus Durability of 25 that cannot be utilized without glitches.

Weapon Additional Fuse Durability
Most Weapons
(any not specified below)
Gerudo Weapons[a]
  1. Note the Scimitar of the Seven is not included, as it still has 25 additional durability despite having the Strong Fusion Weapon Trait.


Items and Objects can also be fused to Link's Shields. Shield Fusions do not increase durability or Shield Guard, with the exception of the long Lava Slab which increases Shield Guard by 1. This means Fusions with no special properties, such as most other Shields, do not do anything aside from modifying the Shield's hitbox and friction when Shield Surfing. Depending on the Object being Fused to the Shield, Shield Surfing may also be enhanced or outright disabled.


Arrows can be Fused with Materials to imbue them with more attack power or other special effects. This is done using the quick menu instead of actually utilizing the Fuse ability. As such, only Materials from the Inventory can be fused to Arrows, and not Objects from the overworld.

For example, unique to arrow fusion, Keese Eyeballs that are Fused with Arrows can home in on Enemies and Creatures that would normally be too fast for Link to hit reliably, and Arrows Fused with icy Materials such as White Chuchu Jellies can freeze targets upon impact. Using a multi-shot Bow will also apply the Fused material to all arrows while only consuming one.


Names in Other Regions
スクラビルド (Sukurabirudo)[6]Portmanteau of スクラップ (Sukurappu) ("scrap") and ビルド (Birudo) ("build").
Latin America
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