Temple of Time (Dungeon)

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The Temple of Time is the sixth Dungeon in Twilight Princess.[1]

Entrance to the Temple

Link must first travel to the Sacred Grove and return the Master Sword to it's pedestal, thus revealing the door to the past. Entering the door brings Link to the past where he can again drive the Master Sword into its pedestal, creating stairs leading to the Dungeon.

Themes and Navigation

The Dungeon has eight floors, which lead upward like a tower, and also contains many large, mosaic windows on its upper floors, allowing the light from the outside to shine through. However, despite seemingly being a peaceful setting, the Temple of Time is inhabited by a large number of enemies, including Lizalfos and Beamos. Many of the statue enemies, like the Beamos and Blade Traps, are designed in a more sleek and elegant appearance, similar to the look of the Temple of Time. Upon reaching the eighth floor of the Dungeon, Link enters combat with the Middle Boss of the dungeon, a Darknut. After defeating the armored foe, he is rewarded with a sacred rod known as the Dominion Rod. The Dominion Rod holds the power to animate and move certain objects, such as statues. Link uses the item to control a large statue, equipped with a Hammer, which he uses to solve many of the puzzles throughout the Dungeon and obtain the Big Key. Making his way back to the entrance to the Temple of Time, Link places the statue in its original position opposite of its counterpart, which reveals a pathway to the Boss chamber.[2][3]

The Boss of the Dungeon is known as Armogohma, and is defeated with the use of the Dominion Rod and the large statues surrounding the chamber. Upon defeating it, Link is rewarded with the third shard of the Mirror of Twilight and a Heart Container.

Minor Enemies



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Germany German Zeitschrein (TP)
Zitadelle der Zeit (TP HD)
Time shrine (TP)
Citadel of Time (German name for Temple of Time) (TP HD)


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