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Snowball Ravine is a Level in Tri Force Heroes.[1] It is the second Level in the Ice Cavern Area, preceded by Frozen Plateau and followed by Silver Shrine.

Themes and Navigation

Snowball Ravine is a snow-covered, mountainous landscape, so named because of the large Snowballs that roll down the sides of the mountain. Littered across the Ravine are snow mounds, which may be cut by several swipes of the Sword, or melted with the Fire Gloves. The mounds may contain Hearts, Rupees, or Enemies such as Blue Rats. The giant Snowballs can likewise also be melted into smaller ones with the Fire Gloves, then slashed or melted again into nothing. There are also gigantic frozen Boulders that roll down the Ravine, though these cannot be melted.

Snowballs and Boulders continually roll down Stage 1

In Stage 1, the Links begin at a small area leading up to several frozen stairways. Giant Snowballs and frozen Boulders will occasionally roll down these stairs. The Links can find a Boomerang and a pair of Fire Gloves further up the stairs. Another set of stairs to the east leads to the Triforce Gateway, with Snowballs and Boulders also rolling down in the Links' path. Along the path are two gaps that the Links must cross by forming a Totem and throwing each other across, making sure that the Link with the Boomerang is not left behind, as he can use the Boomerang to carry the other Links across. The Triforce Gateway is found at the top of the stairs; a nearby ledge has several Hearts and Rupees on it, but Link must be careful when collecting them, as the Snowballs and Boulders fall from directly above.

Activating the icy bridge in Stage 2

In Stage 2, the Links appear over a deep chasm. A pair of Torches must be lit to activate an icy bridge made of small, rising and lowering platforms. The Links come to a snowy area with Hardhat Beetles and snow mounds that may contain Blue Rats; this leads directly to an icy walkway, where the Links must choose either the left or right paths by throwing themselves across a gap in either direction. On the left side is a snowy ledge with two Floor Switches, which lowers an obscuring platform in front of a row of unlit Torches. The Links must light these Torches using the Fire Gloves and the Boomerang to carry flames over. On the right side is an icy platform where Hardhat Beetles attempt to push them off. A Bomb Flower grows on this platform, which must be thrown to destroy a Cracked Block atop a tall Torch. This requires that the Links quickly form a Totem to reach. Once destroyed, the top Link can then light the Torch with the Fire Gloves, but must be close enough that the fireball bounces and lights a second Torch behind it. Doing both tasks activates the Triforce Gateway and creates a bridge to it from the central icy walkway.

Snowballs and Boulders roll extra-fast near the start of Stage 3

Stage 3 is a snowy, winding mountain path that the Links must ascend while avoiding rolling Snowballs and Boulders, as well as some Enemies along the way. After heading east, eventually the Links come to a stairway that goes up; they must make their way up this path by melting any Snowballs that roll down, or simply running away from any Boulders. Moving west, the Links again avoid Snowballs and frozen Boulders rolling side-by-side from a large chute. Around the side of the chute is a lift that can be activated by lighting an overhead Torch; a Squiddy is hidden in a snowy area south of the lift. At the top of the mountain, the Links then move north past a Freezard, then eastward across a small gap, where more Snowballs and Boulders roll in both directions, and several Ice Wizzrobes also threaten them. Past all the traps and Enemies, they come to the Triforce Gateway.

Sliding down the icy hill in Stage 4

Stage 4 is where Freezlord is fought. The Links begin at the top of a hill, standing around a lit Torch, with several Ice Stalagmites that can be melted to receive Hearts. To the north is an icy slope that drops the Links down to an entrance path with two Energy Potions, leading to a round, Torch-filled pit with Freezlord at the center. Along the outer walls of the pit are several alcoves where Jars containing Hearts, Energy Potions, and Rupees can be found.

Drablands Challenges

Once the Boss of the Ice Cavern has been defeated, Snowball Ravine can be replayed with the following Drablands Challenges: "Adventure in the dark!", "Fewer Heart Containers!", and "Transport the orb quickly!". Each Challenge features the same configuration of Enemies.

In "Transport the orb quickly!", the Links are given a timer of three minutes in Multiplayer, or three minutes and 55 seconds in single-player. This timer can be increased by collecting Hourglasses or wearing Linebeck's Uniform.


At the end of the Level, three Treasure Chests can be opened. Two contain the same Material, and one contains another, more valuable Material.

Drablands Challenge
Magical Materials
Drablands Challenge

Adventure in the dark!
Magical Materials
Drablands Challenge

Fewer Heart Containers!
Magical Materials
Drablands Challenge

Transport the orb quickly!
Magical Materials
Drablands ChallengeMagical Materials

Adventure in the dark!

Fewer Heart Containers!

Transport the orb quickly!

Enemies and Traps

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Inside snow mounds; one sometimes does not appear.

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest

On a small platform south of the two raised Torches in Stage 2

Treasure Chest

On a small platform south of the two raised Torches in Stage 2

Treasure ChestContentsNotes

On a small platform south of the two raised Torches in Stage 2

On a small platform south of the two raised Torches in Stage 2


As described in Vol. 6 of the Drablands Diary, a snow princess is hidden in each Level of the Ice Cavern. One can be found where Freezlord is battled in Stage 4 of Snowball Ravine, by going to the northern alcove and shifting the camera to the left.


Names in Other Regions
雪玉渓谷 (Yukidama Keikoku)[3]Snowball Valley
Vallée Boules de neige[7] 
The French Republic
Ravin boules de neige[5] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Gola nevose[2] 
Latin America
Cañón nevado[6] 
The Kingdom of Spain
Cañón Nevado[8] 
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