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Bomb Flowers are plants with an explosive fruit that serves as a substitute for Bombs in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2][3]

In most games, the fruit of the Bomb Flower will explode after a short time once picked from the plant. Just like Bombs, they flash red when near the point of detonation. Bomb Flower fruits detonate automatically in the presence of fire or when caught in an explosion, which may cause a chain reaction should there be other Bomb Flowers nearby. Slashing it with Link's Sword or piercing it with an Arrow also cause its explosion.

Earlier versions of the Bomb Flower are sensitive to light, and only grow in darker places.[4] In later reincarnations, Bomb Flowers seem to have become more tolerant of sunlight, as they are more common throughout the world. In certain appearances, Bomb Flowers are considered a special token of the Gorons, who tend the flowers in the mountainous region in which they appear.

Location and Uses

Ocarina of Time

Bomb Flowers first appear in Ocarina of Time, appearing exclusively on Death Mountain. Referred to by the Gorons as their "special crop," Bomb Flowers are said to be "mining plants," and the fruit of the flower is the raw material for regular Bombs.[5] When Link is a child, Bomb Flowers are too heavy for him to lift without the aid of the Goron's Bracelet.[6] Although very rare on the mountain itself, Bomb Flowers grow wildly within Dodongo's Cavern, as the warmth and dim lighting presents ideal conditions for their growth.[7][4] Therefore, it causes some distress among the Gorons when Dodongo's Cavern becomes infested with "ancient creatures", the Dodongo, making the caverns a dangerous place and affecting the Goron's Bomb Flower harvest.[8] Above the entrance to the cavern, near Goron City, stands a lone Bomb Flower, and a Goron devotedly protecting this rare flower from the sun.[9] With the Goron Bracelet, young Link is able to throw the fruit of the Bomb Flower down to the entrance of Dodongo's Cavern, which has been blockaded by boulders. The Bomb will destroy the boulders, allowing Link to enter.

Additionally, Bomb Flowers can be found next to most doors and in hallways in Goron City, where they are required to blow up the rocks blocking the warp to the Lost Woods. They are also seen growing in the Fire Temple, suggesting they can even survive in volcanic temperatures. Their fibers are claimed to be one of two materials from which Goron Tunics are made, the other being Dodongo scales, in order for them to be heat-resistant.[10]

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, Bomb Flowers act in exactly the same way as in Ocarina of Time, except Link no longer requires the Goron Bracelet to pick them up. They make a minor appearance in the Woodfall Temple and Snowhead Temple, where they can be used to solve puzzles if Link has not obtained the Bomb Bag or Blast Mask. They can also be used as a way to stun Odolwa, as well as distract and kill the moths that he sends after Link. In the Goron Races, Bomb Flowers appear as obstacles, and will explode if Goron Link makes contact with them, slowing him down.

Oracle of Seasons

Bomb Flowers are large, powerful Bombs reminiscent of Powder Kegs. Although Bomb Flowers are mentioned to grow in abundance in the areas in which they appear, only one is seen in-game. It is also said that they take a long time to grow, unlike in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask where they grew back almost instantly.[11]

A Bomb Flower is sought after by the Subrosian Smelter, who wishes to blow up a rock blocking the path to the Tower of Autumn in order to obtain some Ore chunks to smelt with. Although many Bomb Flowers are said to grow in Subrosia, all the other Bomb Flowers are not yet in bloom.[12] It can be found in a portion of Lava Lake in the south that can only be accessed with Roc's Feather.[13]

Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, Bomb Flowers appear once again as the pride of the Goron people, who live on Rolling Ridge.[14] In the past age, Link brought a single Bomb Flower to the Gorons, who used it to free the Goron Elder from under a heavy boulder in the Goron Tunnel.[15] After the ordeal, the Gorons proceeded to plant their newly acquired Bomb Flowers all across Rolling Ridge.[16][17] Due to Link having introduced the Bomb Flower to the Goron race, Link was credited with bringing the Bomb Flower to the Gorons.[14] Centuries later, the Great Moblin builds his Keep on Rolling Ridge and hoards the Goron's Bomb Flowers. Infiltrating the fortress, defeating the Great Moblin and subsequently destroying his keep allows the Gorons to grow their famous Bomb Flowers freely once again.[18] As thanks for his help, the Gorons give Link a Bomb Flower of his very own.[19] Link brings this Bomb Flower to the past, thus creating a stable time loop.

The Wind Waker

Bomb Flowers in The Wind Waker seem to be more common than in past appearances and no longer require shaded areas to grow. They can be found on several islands, most notably on Dragon Roost Island, where they are said to act as a dangerous obstacle to the Rito.[20][21]. Particular withered Bomb Flowers can be found along the banks of the Dragon Roost Pond, and need to be watered (using a Bottle filled with Water) to grow into usable Bombs.[22]

Four Swords Adventures

Bomb Flowers are common items in Four Swords Adventures. They serve as a substitute for regular Bombs when these cannot be obtained until later on in the level. Stages with Bomb Flowers include: Hyrule Castle, Eastern Temple, Death Mountain Foothills, The Mountain Path, The Swamp, Temple of Darkness, Desert of Doubt, Frozen Hyrule, Temple of Ice, and Palace of Winds.

Phantom Hourglass

Bomb Flowers resemble the ones seen in The Wind Waker, and continue to serve as early substitutes for Bombs. Bomb Flowers in these games are seemingly more fragile, as, unlike past appearances, they automatically detonate on contact with a Sword or an Arrow, something which would have previously triggered a delayed reaction.

Spirit Tracks

A particular type of Bomb Flower appears in the Battle Mode in Spirit Tracks. This Bomb Flower permanently flashes red and will only explode once thrown.

Skyward Sword

SS Bomb Render.png

In Skyward Sword, Bomb Flowers appears somewhat smaller than in their past appearances. Also, when Link picks one up, a line will appear from the Bomb, and then curve to the floor, showing the path the Bomb Flower will take once thrown by Link. Bomb Flowers can also be picked up and stored for later in Link's inventory once he has obtained the Bomb Bag, essentially becoming Bombs. They are very common and grow all throughout The Surface, being able to survive in extreme environments such as Lanayru Desert.

The Big Bomb Flower

The Bomb Flowers used on the Groosenator are about three times the size of the common variety. These special Bomb Flowers can be found in a small alcove next to the track, which can be accessed until the third fight with The Imprisoned. They can be picked up and thrown, but not stored.

A Link Between Worlds

Main article: Big Bomb Flower

In A Link Between Worlds, a special type of Bomb Flower known as the Big Bomb Flower appears in southwest Lorule. It can be borrowed from the Bomb Flower Store south of the Thieves' Town for 200 Rupees, and is necessary to access the Swamp Palace. A second Big Bomb Flower later appears in Lorule Castle, where it must be used to access a room containing a Moldorm.

Tri Force Heroes

In Tri Force Heroes, Bomb Flowers function the same as in past games, exploding only a few seconds after being plucked, and regrowing soon after. They appear the same size as normal Bombs, but if one is picked by Link while he is wearing the Big Bomb Outfit, the Bomb Flower doubles in size, and is given an increased blast radius and damage output. Even if the Bomb Flower is picked by a Link not wearing the Big Bomb Outfit, it enlarges if the Link wearing it holds it before it explodes.

Tears of the Kingdom

Bomb Flowers appear as Materials in Tears of the Kingdom, functioning as a replacement for the Remote Bomb from Breath of the Wild. They can be thrown or Fused to a Weapon, Shield or Arrow.

Other Appearances

Phantom Hourglass (Himekawa)

In the Phantom Hourglass manga by Akira Himekawa, Bomb Flowers are found growing on the Isle of Gust. When Cyclok attacks Linebeck, Link, Ciela, and the girl they found, Linebeck attempts to return to his ship.[23] The captain holds onto a Bomb Flower to avoid being sucked into the cyclone. He and the Bomb Flower are pulled into the winds and the plant detonates. Inspired by this, Link decides to throw the Bomb Flowers into the swirling wind.[24] Using the Bomb Flowers, he successfully explodes Cyclok.

Hyrule Warriors

Bomb Flowers can be found lined against walls in certain Keeps in Hyrule Warriors. They can be used to blow up enemies in Keeps when Warriors attack them or push enemies into them. Once detonated, Bomb Flowers will not grow back. When equipped with the Gauntlets, Link can pick up and toss Bomb Flowers towards enemies. Two types of Bomb Flowers appear; the most prevalent type resembles the Bomb Flowers from Ocarina of Time whereas Bomb Flowers in Skyloft and the Sealed Grounds resemble their iterations from Skyward Sword.

Bomb Flowers do not appear as objects in Keeps in Hyrule Warriors Legends, appearing only when used by the Groosenator. However, Bomb Flowers make a reappearance in Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition.


  • In Twilight Princess, unused Bomb Flowers can be found and interacted with through hacking, making a metallic sound when they explode.[25]
  • in French they're called "choux-peteur", which means "explosive cabbages" but also "farting cabbages".


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
バクダン(ばな) (Bakudan Bana) (TotK) 
The People's Republic of China
炸弹花 (Zhàdán huā) (SSHD | TotK)[29][30]Same as English.
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Bombloem (TotK)[32]Same as English.
The Italian Republic
  • Flower bomb
  • Flower Bomb
Latin America
Flor bomba (TotK)[31]Same as English.
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