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This article is about the location in Oracle of Ages. For the location in The Minish Cap, see Goron Cave.

The Goron Tunnel,[1] also known as the Elder's Cave,[2] is a location in Oracle of Ages.

Features and Overview

The Goron Tunnel is a series of Caves spanning several vertical levels, beginning at the western end of the Rolling Ridge Base and connecting it to Rolling Ridge proper. It is populated by several Gorons in both the past and present ages.

In the past, the Goron Elder is trapped by a cave-in within the Goron Tunnel's lowest level.[3] Link must free him with the use of a Bomb Flower from the present, though the Elder goes on to explain that he was never in any real danger.[4] He gives Link the Crown Key as thanks.[5] The Bomb Flower from the future goes on to become one of Rolling Ridge's staple crops, spread in part by the efforts of the now-energetic Elder.[6][7][8]

One of the Gorons in the past version of the Tunnel pledges to transform it into a more livable environment.[9] Accordingly, in the present, there are more Gorons inhabiting the Tunnel than there were before, and more Stairs and Treasure Chests have been established.


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