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The Depths are a location in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]

Features and Overview

The Depths are a colossal network of caverns extending deep underneath Hyrule. They are accessed via the Chasms present on the surface, which are easily identified by the Gloom surrounding them.

The Depths are extremely dark, making items that create light such as Brightbloom Seeds, Giant Brightbloom Seeds, or Lights valuable when exploring them. Additionally, Gloom covers most of the Depths, forcing Link to watch his step or else have his maximum hearts reduced. Alternatively, he can cross it safely if he finds a Stalhorse or builds a vehicle using Ultrahand and the numerous Zonai Devices that can be found at Supply Sites. Lightroots can be found that light up large areas around them and reverse Gloom damage with their Light; activating them will also activate them as Travel Points and reveal their surroundings on the Map. Each Lightroot is located directly beneath a Shrine of Light on the Surface, whose names are Anadromes of each other, allowing them to be used as a method of locating Shrines.

In addition to the Lightroots, most other major terrain features on the Surface of Hyrule have an equivalent in the Depths:

For the most part, there is no weather in the Depths but some areas require Flame Guard to safely traverse. These can be recognized by the presence of Lava in the environment.

Most minor Enemies and Sub-Bosses encountered in the Depths are Gloom-Wreathed, and will temporarily reduce Link's maximum Life Gauge capacity upon striking him.[2] Unlike from the Gloom in the environment, Gloom Resistance from Armor and Foods will not apply to their effects. Additionally, Gloom-Wreathed Enemies will take double damage from the Master Sword.

The Depths are also the main source of Zonaite, which is present in large Zonaite Deposits that appear throughout the Depths. The Zonaite can then be brought to Forge Constructs to buy Zonai Charges and Crystallized Charges, or expended to create devices with Autobuild.

Poes can also be found in the Depths, which can be collected and traded to Bargainer Statues in exchange for certain Materials and rare equipment.



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