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Gloom is a substance in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]


Gloom is very similar to Malice and is produced by Ganondorf. When Link comes into contact with it, it temporarily reduces his maximum Hearts. Hearts that have been depleted by Gloom will appear to be gray and broken, allowing them to be distinguished from damage taken from other sources. The Hearts damaged are always whole Hearts, meaning half or quarters of a Heart cannot be reduced. If Link has any temporary Hearts prior to taking Gloom damage, they will all disappear. When Link eats Meals that grant temporary Hearts, they will restore the Hearts he has lost to Gloom, albeit unhealed. If Link is granted a certain number of temporary Hearts that the total amount of Hearts he has is greater than 40 minus the number of Gloom-damaged Hearts, then any excess temporary Hearts are not granted.[note 1] If Link dies after Gloom has reduced his Life Gauge to less than five Hearts, being revived by a Fairy will restore a maximum of five Hearts.

During "The Awakening", Gloom is shown to have the ability to permanently destroy Hearts, leaving Link with only three in his Life Gauge. Demon King Ganondorf demonstrates this again during their battle in Gloom's Origin, but only a single Heart is lost at a time. After Link's Life Gauge has been reduced to a single Heart, the Demon King's Gloom attacks will begin to deal regular damage instead.

Gloom saps the strength of individuals upon touching them, in some cases leaving them sluggish and unable to move.[2][3] Being on the Surface or the Sky allows Link to recover from losing Hearts to Gloom, at a rate of one Heart per second.[4] However, being in the Depths, fighting Gloom Spawn, and facing Phantom Ganon all prevent Link from recovering.[5] These factors can be mitigated by standing beneath a Lightroot or eating Food made with a Sundelion or Sun Pumpkin. Sleeping in a Bed also restores Hearts lost by Gloom and fills them.

Enemies in the Depths are frequently wreathed in Gloom, and they will similarly reduce Link's maximum health when attacking him. In this case, they are capable of dealing multiple Hearts-worth of Gloom damage. Elemental damage from Arrows will deal both regular and Gloom damage. Demon King Ganondorf's attacks are also able to deal higher amounts of Gloom damage.


  • The permanent gloom damage during the final boss cannot reduce Link's Life Gauge to below 1 heart, it will instead do normal damage.
  • The Fairy can recover permanent gloom damage during the final boss when Link gets killed with fewer than 5 hearts.


Names in Other Regions
瘴気 (Shōki)[7]Miasma
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
The French Republic
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
The Republic of Korea
독기 (Dokgi)[12] 
Latin America
Aura maligna[10]Malicious aura
The Kingdom of Spain
Aura maligna[14]Malicious aura
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  1. For example: if Link has 38 Hearts, takes a single Heart of Gloom damage, and then is granted three temporary Hearts, he will receive only two Hearts totaling 39 Hearts.


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