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Icicles are recurring Enemies and Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.(OoT3D | MM | TotK)[1][2][3][4] Icicles go unnamed in Ocarina of Time, Four Swords, and Twilight Princess.


Ocarina of Time

Icicles appear in the Ice Cavern.

Majora's Mask

An Icicle is present at the entrance to the Snowhead region. Link can knock it down using his Hero's Bow and Arrows. Icicles also appear in Snowhead Temple.

Four Swords

Twilight Princess

An Icicle is present on the frozen Waterfall in Zora's Domain, when the land is covered in Twilight. It falls and nearly hits Wolf Link as he climbs the Waterfall with Midna.

Tears of the Kingdom

Icicles can be found on the ceilings of Caves in the Hebra Region. When struck by Arrows, thrown Materials, or Weapons, they fall down, becoming Fusible. When Fused with Weapons, they cause them to emit Ice when swung, freezing Enemies. Shields with Icicles Fused to them cause Link's Parries to damage and freeze Enemies. The additional attack power granted by Fusing Icicles to Weapons varies based on the type of Icicle used.

Frost Gleeoks cause Icicles to rain from the sky above Link when badly injured. These Icicles are significantly larger than those found naturally, and cannot be Fused to Weapons or Shields unlike their natural counterparts. Recall can be used on them to bring Link up to the Frost Gleeok's level. If they fall on him, he will be damaged and knocked back.


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