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This article is for the recurring traps. For the Enemy, see Pokey.

Cacti are recurring Enemies and Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.(CoH)[1] Cacti go unnamed in A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, Oracle of Seasons, Skyward Sword, Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom, Ancient Stone Tablets and Hyrule Warriors.


A Link to the Past

Link's Awakening

In Link's Awakening, Cacti can be found in the Yarna Desert. When Link touches them, he takes half a Heart of damage, or a quarter of a Heart with the Blue Mail.

Oracle of Seasons

Cacti can be found in the Samasa Desert in Oracle of Seasons.

Skyward Sword

Cacti can be found in the Lanayru Desert in Skyward Sword. When struck with Link's Sword, the struck area of their skin falls off and they bounce back and rebound at him. If Link is hit by a Cactus with skin in the area that hits him, he takes a quarter of a Heart of damage. If he is struck by an area without skin, it will only bounce off him without dealing damage.

Cacti may either have Bomb Flowers or closed red Flowers growing off them. When red Flowers are struck, they open and reveal either Deku Nuts or a Heart.

Breath of the Wild

Cacti in Breath of the Wild sometimes have Voltfruits growing from them.[2]

Tears of the Kingdom

Other Appearances

Ancient Stone Tablets

Hyrule Warriors

Cacti are Objects found in the Valley of Seers Stage.

Cadence of Hyrule

Cacti are stationary plants found in the Desert. When the current hero walks into one, they inflict half of a Heart in damage. They cannot be moved or destroyed.


Names in Other Regions
サボテン (Saboten)[4]Same as English.
The French Republic
The Federal Republic of Germany
Kaktus[5]Same as English.
The Italian Republic
Latin America
The Kingdom of Spain
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