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This article is about the essence in general. For the specific obstacle made of Malice, see Pool of Malice.

Malice is a recurring substance in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name references needed] It is the actualized manifestation of Ganon's hatred, and the very essence of Calamity Ganon.[2][3]


Breath of the Wild

Calamity Ganon's spectral form made of Malice surrounding Hyrule Castle.

Malice is the very essence of Calamity Ganon's being. After Ganon was continually sealed and reincarnated, he lost any semblance of reason and became Calamity Ganon, an incarnation of pure hatred and grudge against Hyrule, its royal bloodline, and the chosen hero.[1][2][3] Malice manifests as a flowing pink and purple energy,[4] including Ganon's spectral form which envelops Hyrule Castle.[5][6] However, Malice is able to materialize physically in various ways.

Malice takes physical form by tainting that with which it comes in contact, most commonly seen as Pools of Malice, sludgy pools of water that ooze across surfaces and damage Link if he touches it.[7] These concentrations sometimes include spikes, Glowing Eyeballs which will dissipate the Malice when destroyed,[8] and mouths which spawn Cursed Bokoblins, Cursed Moblins, and Cursed Lizalfos. The Malice is responsible for bringing these to "life".[9] Malice is also responsible for reviving slain Enemies under the Blood Moon.[10]

Malice is also able to take corporeal form by possessing and/or combining with living things or automata. Upon returning at the beginning of the Great Calamity, Ganon sent his Malice to possess the Guardians, Giant Columns, and Divine Beasts, corrupting them to cause destruction. In doing so, the Malice may be acting as a substitute for Ancient Energy.[11] Furthermore, the concentrated masses of Malice which were sent to the Divine Beasts combined with ancient Sheikah weaponry and the Divine Beasts' respective elemental powers, creating the Phantom Ganons.[12] Calamity Ganon also created a cocoon within Hyrule Castle's Sanctum, forming his own corporeal body with ancient technology. Once Link defeats this form, its Malice reforms as Dark Beast Ganon, his "original" form.[13]

The dragon spirit Naydra is also possessed by Malice, covering it in the sludge and Glowing Eyeballs,[14] although this seems to blight and incapacitate the creature more than take control of it. If Link reaches the Spring of Wisdom at the top of Mount Lanayru, the Goddess Statue will instruct him to free Naydra by destroying the Glowing Eyeballs, after which it returns to normal.

Malice can be opposed with sacred Light.The Master Sword, as the Sword that Seals the Darkness, can repel Malice and grows stronger in its presence.[15] Upon awakening her sealing power, Zelda's golden energy also dissipated all Malice from the surrounding Guardians. The same energy is used in the sealing of Dark Beast Ganon.

Tears of the Kingdom

Main article: Gloom
A promotional image from the Winter 2021 issue of the Nintendo Magazine featuring Gloom attacking Link

Although Malice does not appear directly, a similar substance called Gloom appears and is closely associated with Ganondorf. The relationship between Gloom and Malice is currently unknown.

The only possible mention of Malice exists in the Japanese version, when Impa explains the relationship between Calamity Ganon and the Demon King Ganondorf after Link has visited all the Dragon's Tears. In English, she states that "The Calamity was the Demon King of ancient times, brought back to existence in the form of hatred manifest," whereas in Japanese the term for Malice, 怨念 (on'nen), is directly used for what the English localization simply translated as "hatred".[16]

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

When Terrako is awakened by Zelda's sealing power during the Great Calamity, it is spotted by a Guardian Stalker. Terrako creates a time portal to escape, but several bursts of Malice exit the Guardian Stalker and pursue Terrako into the past. After it arrives, four tendrils of Malice instantly head towards Hyrule Castle and possess Terrako's past self, creating Harbinger Ganon. Being aware of the future and Terrako's mission to prevent the Calamity, the fragment of Ganon within the Harbinger attempts to destroy Terrako at the Coliseum when it searches for Zelda, but is defeated. At some point, Malice is also sent to the Lost Woods to prevent Link from obtaining the Master Sword, creating Pools of Malice.

Eventually, the future fragments of Ganon within the Harbinger ally with Astor and the Yiga Clan. Astor is able to use Malice based attacks and create the Hollows, and later the Blight Ganons. After the Calamity arrives, Malice-infused versions of Enemies are also seen. However, ultimately it is revealed that Astor was but a pawn, and the Malice exits Harbinger Ganon to swallow up Astor, using him to create a humanoid body made of Malice for Calamity Ganon.

Certain, more powerful forms of enemies appear that are infused with Malice, including the Malice Guardian, Malice Moblin, Malice Lynel, Malice Hinox, Malice Frost Talus, and Malice Igneo Talus.


Although "Malice" is the translation used for the substance in the English localization, the Japanese term 怨念 (on'nen) can be (and is, particularly in Creating a Champion) variously translated as "malice," "hatred," or "grudge" depending on the context. Notably, the internal name for Malice is "Grudge." This word does not carry as strong a connotation in English, but it does add the context that Ganon carries not just general malice, but particularly a "grudge" against Hylia and Hyrule's royal family as part of Demise's curse and his continual defeat.

ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
怨念(おんねん) (On'nen) (BotW)[17] 
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Haat (BotW)Hatred
The Federal Republic of Germany
  • Hass (BotW)
  • Zorn (HWAoC)
  • Eiswächter (HWAoC)[18]
  • Hatred
  • Rage
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