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Malice Moblins are Enemies in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.[1]


A Malice Moblin is a Silver Moblin covered in Malice using a heavily modified Heavy Weapons Moblin fighting style. It's attacks are as follows. Swinging it's Lynel Crusher(Yes, all of them wield that specific weapon) twice, then slamming it on the ground. Swinging it's Lynel Crusher twice, then shoving it forward. Slamming their Lynel Crusher on the ground. Knocking a rock out of the ground and sending it forward. Leaping forwards and slamming their Lynel Crusher down. (At half health, they will occasionally charge themselves up with Malice, then do one of these attacks) Spitting Malice fireballs forward. A powerful 5 hit combo that's incredibly quick.


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