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Monsters are a species in The Legend of Zelda series.(OoT | TWW | FSA | TMC | TP | SS | ALBW | BotW)[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]


A monstrous Remlit beside a docile Remlit from Skyward Sword

Monsters are typically creatures under the influence of Darkness and Dark Magic.[1] Though Monsters can be synonymous with Demons, Demons are born from the source of evil and have the ability to influence, command, and even create Monsters.[1] Nearly any kind of Animal and plant can be turned into a Monster, such as Remlits which are docile and friendly during the daytime but become vicious at night simply because of the presence of a nearby Demon.

Mortals can be corrupted and turned into Monsters. Particularly after death, their bodies can be warped into monstrous forms and their Spirits may turn evil due to the influence of Magic or strong negative emotions.[1] These Spirits can influence the world around them by casting Curses and creating illusions like False Walls to trick people,[8] or they can possess inanimate objects such as Statues or even Lava.[1]

Though Demons come from an unknown source and stand in opposition to everything the Golden Goddesses created, not all Demons and Monsters are evil.[1] Though he is a Demon, Batreaux wishes to become Human and live among people. In spite of this, he emanates an evil force that corrupts the Sky Island of Skyloft, causing Monsters to appear with his presence. It is possible to turn the Demon into a Human and rid Skyloft of Monsters with the power of Gratitude Crystals, which are physical manifestations of gratitude and joy. Other Monsters that refuse to carry out evil simply wish to be left alone. Similarly, Ghosts of people with regrets do not necessarily carry ill will, and only wish for closure to their unresolved issues in life.

The remains of Monsters possess innate properties that are useful for crafting materials such as Armor and used as medicine with no adverse effects.[1]

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