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Gratitude Crystals are items in Skyward Sword.[1] Link can obtain these crystals by doing good deeds to the various people he meets throughout his adventure. Upon doing so, the person that was helped will be overwhelmed with feelings of thankfulness, emitting enough energy to create 5 Gratitude Crystals. Link may also find fifteen Gratitude crystals at night in the islands of Skyloft, Pumpkin Landing, and Beedle's Island.[2] After Link's Goddess Sword is upgraded to the Goddess White Sword, he may dowse for them after speaking to Batreaux.[3]


There are a total of 80 Gratitude Crystals found throughout the game. Bringing them to Batreaux, who wants to use these items to become human, yield various rewards to the young hero, including upgrades for his wallet, satchels, and his Adventure Pouch.


Crystals Reward
5 SS Gratitude Crystal Icon.png SS Medium Wallet Icon.png
Medium Wallet
10 SS Gratitude Crystal Icon.png SS Piece of Heart Model.png
Piece of Heart
30 SS Gratitude Crystal Icon.png SS Big Wallet Icon.png
Big Wallet
30 SS Gratitude Crystal Icon.png SS Cursed Medal Icon.png
Cursed Medal
40 SS Gratitude Crystal Icon.png SS Gold Rupee Render.png
Gold Rupee
50 SS Gratitude Crystal Icon.png SS Giant Wallet Icon.png
Giant Wallet
70 SS Gratitude Crystal Icon.png SS Gold Rupee Render.png
Gold Rupee x2
80 SS Gratitude Crystal Icon.png SS Tycoon Wallet Icon.png
Tycoon Wallet

Gratitude Crystal Quests

Gratitude Crystals Locations
Deed Location Task Reward
Missing Kukiel Skyloft Kukiel's parents will inform Link of her disappearance. Link will follow clues around Skyloft and the Lumpy Pumpkin in order to discover a secret entrance in the graveyard at Skyloft. Reaching an old house underneath the Skyloft, he will recover Kukiel and discover the friendly demon Batreaux. 5 gratitude crystals.
Wounded Loftwing Island in the Sky/Skyloft Parrow will mention the disappearance of his sister Orielle, claiming that she was last seen flying towards Fun Fun Island. Link will find her on an island between Fun Fun Island and Skyloft, and ask him to bring her a bottle of Mushroom Spores for her wounded Loftwing. Once healed, she will arrive safely back at Skyloft. 10 gratitude crystals
Paper, Please Skyloft The bathroom in the Knight Academy will seem to have become haunted, seeing that many of the students claim to have heard the voice of a sobbing woman, claiming for paper. Meanwhile, Link can meet with Cawlin who will ask of him to deliver a letter to Karane, confessing his love to her. Here, Link has two options: he can either deliver the letter, or give it to the ghost. 5 gratitude crystals.
To Get Stronger Skyloft Fledge, who looks up to Link, will begin an exercise routine in order to build up his strength. However, he lacks endurance to continue the routine. If Link enters his room at night, Fledge will ask him for a Stamina Potion. Link will need to give him a couple of bottles until Fledge builds up his desired strength. 5 gratitude crystals.
Cleaning Lady Skyloft Pipit's mother, Mallara, will ask of Link to help her clean the house by using the Gust Bellows. 5 gratitude crystals
Missing Rattle Skyloft Bertie, husband to Luv and owner of the potion sidecounter in the Skyloft Bazaar, has lost the rattle to calm down their baby. Link can enter their house at night to find him unable to put the child to rest. Using the Clawshot, Link must grapple to the floating Waterfall Island, skydiving to land atop the bird's nest. Using the Gust Bellows to clear the nest, he can then retrieve the Rattle by himself or using the Beetle. 5 gratitude crystals.
Broken Crystal Ball Skyloft Sparrot the fortune teller will suddenly cease to appear at the Skyloft Bazaar. Townsfolk will tell Link that he broke his crystal ball, whilst Sparrot comments that he obtained it from below the clouds. Link must dive to the Earth Temple, grappling to the top of the entrance where he will find a similar crystal ball. Scrapper can then take it up to Skyloft. 5 gratitude crystals.
Plowing Help Lumpy Pumpkin/Eldin Volcano Kina of Lumpy Pumpkin needs someone to help her plow the pumpkin fields. Link can then dowse for said person and find the Mogma leader Guld. who is waiting on one of the tall stalagmites jutting up from the caverns. Scrapper need only then carry him to the Lumpy Pumpkin. 5 gratitude crystals.
Missing Fun Wheel Fun Fun Island Dodoh, the owner of Fun Fun Island, will lament the loss of his Fun Wheel below the clouds, claiming that he isn't in the mood to take on his minigame joint. Link can find the wheel by dowsing towards Lanayru Desert. Diving to the first Bird Statue Link ever encountered in the desert proper, he must hit the Timeshift Stone in order to make some vines on a ledge appear in the past, making his way over the Fun Wheel. Scrapper then takes it back to Fun Fun Island. 5 gratitude crystals (as well as a free play on the island)
Indulging Peatrice/Helping Peater Skyloft/Bamboo Island As Link keeps returning to the Item Check during his quest, Peatrice will begin to think he is returning often just to see her. When asked, Link must answer her questions in a way that is romantic and indulging, slowly making Peatrice fall in love with him. One day she will ask Link to visit her house at night, and will declare her love for him, unless Link has talked to Peater first, who wants him to scare away her admirer. 5 gratitude crystals (if Link obliges or if Link refuses her)
A New Species Of Plant Skyloft/Faron Woods Instructor Owlan thinks he has all species of plant in his collection and asks Link to help him find a new one. Link must go to Faron Woods and talk to Oolo, who says he wants to live in a place where he doesn't have to hide. Once, Oolo is told about Skyloft Fi will call Scrapper who will take Oolo to Owlan. 5 gratitude crystals
Missing Beetle Skyloft/Bug Rock Near the end if the game, Link can talk to Beedle, who will claim that his Horned Colossus Beetle has gone missing. After further inquiries, Link will learn that Strich from Bug Rock has found it. However, Link can only recover the Beetle if he clears Strich's insect-finding gauntlet in the Thunderhead, by collecting predetermined insects within a three minute time limit. 5 gratitude crystals.


  • The Gratitude Crystals and the Star Fragment treasure item are both designed to resemble the Japanese candy Konpeitō. Konpeito are hardened sugar formed into star shapes and are well recognized in Japanese culture.
  • In Majora's Mask, the Couple's Mask is also described to maintain gratitude.[4]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 感謝の気持ち (Kansha no Kimochi) Feelings of Gratitude
France FrenchEU Cristal de gratitude Gratitude Crystal
Germany German Juwel der Güte Jewel of Kindness
Italy Italian Gemme della gratitudine
Latin America SpanishLA Gema de gratitud


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